Why It Takes Work to Get Fit the Right Way

Life doesn’t promise easy, fair, happiness, or even health. In fact, life is hard and work is required and never an option. It’s up to you to create the lifestyle that you want to live. Agreed?

This won’t be found in a jar, pill, powder, or shake. If popping a ‘fit pill’ provided the body of your dreams, I certainly wouldn’t be writing a health blog. Quick fixes are not the way to getting fit the right way.

Sound evidence has supported the best way to achieve a fit body is through a healthy lifestyle. You may be aware of some of the requirements of how to get fit but a short list is below:

  • consistent healthy food intake
  • regular exercise
  • plenty of rest
  • drinking lots of water
  • balancing life

Sounds like a great plan and very doable. The problem is many of you still aren’t willing to put in the work. Nothing tastes better than healthy feels, remember? So, what gives?

Great marketing has convinced many of you there’s a quick fix to fitness. This strong belief in false guarantees has taken away the drive and motivation to get fit the right way. False claims only provide false hope, take your money, and cause frustration.

The only way to achieve health and fitness is eating right and sweat producing work. Trendy diets and pills don’t teach you how to shop for healthy foods, cook the stuff, and meal plan. They surely don’t sprout legs and exercise so that you absorb the activity benefits.

What usually occurs with quick-fix programs is some initial weight loss because of being so calorically restrictive and unrealistic. Your body is running on an empty tank and experiencing typical negative side effects like dizziness, headache, and nutrient deficiencies. Your energy can become low and frustration high struggling through a program that just doesn’t feel good.

Studies show restrictive fad diets are unable to be sustained and any weight lost is put back on plus more. When the focus shifts to eating healthy and not dieting, realistic results can be achieved. This is where the work comes in. 

Fitness takes work. You get up and go to a job each day to supply your needs and wants, right? The same applies to improving your health. Getting fit requires time, energy, and eating healthy food. The work is challenging but the results rewarding. It changes you, makes you stronger, and able to enjoy your body and life overall. 

Believing you can become healthy through gimmicks can no longer be an option. That would be comparable to owning the golden goose and not having to put in your eight to five for a living. Not realistic and not going to happen.

You are no stranger to what work feels like. It can be rewarding and provide an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. The results of hard work are being able to achieve and have what you want and desire in life. Work is never optional and something you have to do to succeed.

The bottom line is having a fit body requires work but you must be willing to put in the time and actions to achieve your goals.

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Be well and Stay Healthy



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