Why is Being Unhealthy the Acceptable Norm?

Have you been feeling unhealthy and just not right for some time? This can be physically or emotionally. Yet, we continue to accommodate and even accept the situation. Your body and mind can only take so much before it breaks. We often ignore the signs until we are lying face down in our own hopelessness.

Why do we continue to accept how unhealthy we are and how bad we feel but continue to tough it out day after day? Instead of making changes to create a better situation, you simply accept unhealthy as your normal way of life. Sad but true. Many of us don’t even realize how good we’re supposed to feel. Big contributors to this problem are continuing to eat processed foods, refraining from exercise, and living under a cloud of stress.

How often do you take inventory of your life?  Are you accommodating joint pain and illness from eating unhealthy foods leading to being overweight?  Are life’s circumstances so stressful to the point of causing depression and anxiety? What’s going on at home in your personal relationships?  Is your home a peaceful sanctuary or a war zone?  How about the job? Are you happy and doing what you’ve always envisioned or burdened by the thought?
We are meant to live a happy, healthy life. The unfortunate truth is many of you choose to accommodate being unhealthy. We eat and drink things we shouldn’t, become couch potatoes, and drown in our own self-pity.

Isn’t it time to stop accommodating unhealthy and start fixing the problem?  If you don’t know where to begin, ask for help. No shame or stigma about needing assistance sometimes. We’ve all been there. Society puts shaming on every human topic ad nauseam. If seeking help from a professional gets you on the right track, then go for it. I suggest an expert in the area of your struggle.

If you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, consult with a qualified personal trainer, nutritionist, or registered dietician. Making a doctor’s appointment to discuss your stress and seeing a licensed counselor or therapist may be helpful. Check out your local church and talk to a pastor. If the marriage is suffering, sometimes all you need is a little help from a licensed marriage and family counselor. The great news is you have options!

What it boils down to is changing your life for the better. It requires recognition of the problem and a willingness to fix it. There is nothing healthy about accommodating unhealthy. You can either sit and wallow where you are or put on a fix-it attitude. Wishing you health and happiness!

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Be Well and Stay Healthy 

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