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Why Emotional Bond Is Important In A Relationship

How important is an emotional connection in a relationship? Everyone wants to feel loved by their partner, and forging an emotional bond is one of the most fundamental building blocks of a lasting relationship you will ever have. When you are emotionally connected as a couple, you build a foundation of strength, trust, and respect.

Having an emotional connection means you can go to your partner and share anything with them. It is the knowledge that both you and your partner have empathy for one another. Emotional bonds also have much to do with trust and security, knowing your partner will always be there for you no matter what the circumstances. It promotes forgiveness, engagement, and boosts morale.

If you maintain this connection your relationship will experience less emotional distance, emotional issues, and disruptions. Here are the benefits of an emotional connection between two loving partners.

The benefits of emotional connection in a relationship

How important is an emotional connect in a relationship? Very! An emotional connection can help bond you for the long-run. Here are just some of the benefits of creating an emotional connection with your partner.

1#Builds respect

Knowing one another on an emotional level can help build a mutual respect that is essential for a long-term, healthy relationship. Showing respect is essential in healthy relationships. This means you value your partner, you consider their thoughts and feelings, and you respect them as a person, not just as your partner. Being shown respect helps you feel appreciated by your partner.

2# You have amazing conversations together

Most of life is made up of polite, mundane, or silly conversations, and that’s fantastic. But how amazing is it to be able to share your life with someone you can have deep, meaningful conversation with? Sure, not all of your chats are going to end with a new outlook on life, but the possibility is always around the corner. Being emotionally in-tune means being able to talk about anything, from the very silly to the very thoughtful.

3# You have excellent communication skills

There is nothing more frustrating than knowing how you feel and not being able to put it into words with your partner. When your relationship has a deep emotional connection, you are more in tune with one another’s wants and needs. You know how to communicate these to one another and equally as important, you know how to reciprocate.

4# You create a bond of trust and security

Knowing that your partner is always going to be there for you is no small feat in a romantic relationship. When you know you can always rely on your partner your emotional bond grows even stronger. What’s more, if you ever find yourself in an argument together you don’t run scared. Instead, you are able to communicate clearly knowing that no matter what your partner is going to stand by you.

5# It boosts your overall mood

When you are truly emotionally bonded with someone in an intimate relationship, your body releases the mood enhancing hormone called oxytocin. This hormone naturally enhances your sense of self-esteem, trust, optimism, and triggers the part of your brain that forms bonds. Oxytocin is also good for other aspects of your health. For example it boosts orgasm, lowers stress, improves gut motility, lowers blood pressure, reduces cortisol, and prompts faster healing.

6# Better sexual connection

When you are emotionally connected your sex life is going to be out of this world, especially for women. Because an emotional connection creates a bond of trust and respect, it allows you to go wild between the sheets. Physical intimacy by way of sex and physical touch such as holding hands deepens romantic connections for both men and women.

7# You have more fun together

When you are in a relationship with someone who understands you and connects with you on an intimate level, you will have more fun together.

How to increase your emotional connection

Emotional intimacy makes a relationship fun, secure, and surprising. Here are some key ways to increase your emotional connection with each other.

1#Never stop talking

The most effective way to develop an emotional connection with your partner is by talking. Bonding over common interests, past experiences, and future goals is going to strengthen your relationship tenfold, especially if you know how to communicate with one another.

2# Never stop dating

There is a quote that says “Never stop being your husband’s girlfriend”. Even if you have been married for many years now, you still want to be with that person you first fell in love with. Don’t stop dating and trying to woo your partner. Plan exciting date nights every week where you treat one another as you would if you were just first dating. This can lead to some not only naughty but also fun exploits together.

3# Never stop having sex

Sex is a huge factor in remaining emotionally connected. Men experience love through sex and most women experience love after sex due to the orgasm induced release of the “love drug” known as oxytocin. Overall, having more sex is not only fun, but it forges a deeper bond between couples – especially when both experience orgasm.

4# Never put off your issues

Never let your issues lay dormant. This can cause resentment to bloom and can poison your relationship. Also never assume that you can patch your relationship at a later date. When it comes to relationships, you get out of them what you put in. Treating your relationship like a priority will yield good results with a strong emotional connection while treating it like an option will lead down a bad path.

So, how important is an emotional connection in a relationship?

Building an emotional connection boosts the happiness and overall morale of you and your partner. You can work on maintaining your emotional connection by keeping communication open and never forgetting to put the other person first. If both parties follow this golden rule their relationship will have much to celebrate.

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