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So you saw this fabulous sexy
dress in a shop the other day? How wonderful would it be to be able to wear it
confidently, wouldn’t it? It doesn’t hurt to dream but real changes require
some effort. Make your dreams come true and be your own star by having a
healthy and beautifully shaped body using the tips and information in the
infographic. There’s a right diet for everyone and combined with physical
activities one can achieve miraculous results! Are you considering becoming a
vegetarian? Choose from pescatarian, flexitarian, lacto-ovo-vegetarian, vegan
or raw food diet. The essential information on what to eat, what are the pros
and cons of each diet you will find in the infographic. You also have other
options: the spectrum of low carbs, low calorie and low fat diets is really
wide. And when you already decided about your new eating habits, combine it
with some exercises like cycling, dancing or aerobics and burn accordingly 364,
273 or 664 calories per hour! Don’t worry if diets and sport fails in your
case. There is the third but sure option to lose weight: bariatric surgery.
Check out the infographic and find out the essential info on gastric bypass,
gastric sleeve and gastric band.

how to loose weight
created by Nordbariatric

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