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There are many factors that are known to cause infertility in men and women. Some of these conditions can be treated and, therefore, allow a couple to have their own children. Unfortunately, there are some couples or individuals with whom infertility cause cannot be treated successfully and who have to resort to surrogacy. Surrogacy remains the only option of having a child for a woman who is rendered incapable of carrying a pregnancy. Surrogacy is yet to be embraced fully across the world as some nations refuse to accept it by judging its ethical or moral standing. Nevertheless, Bangalore and the larger India is one of the places in the world that people turn to for surrogacy services.

IVF Surrogacy

Ivf surrogacy in Bangalore has become a common thing even as tourists stream to the city to take advantage of the amazing opportunity. This is a tremendously important gift for people who desperately wish for a baby they can call their own. Now, what exactly goes on here? The procedure entails the insemination of a surrogate with the sperm of the male partner of female who cannot carry pregnancy. Perhaps, this is why the process raises a number of moral and ethical questions because the surrogate is the genetic mother of the baby born through this procedure. However, you may want to consider going for a center that does this in a different way; Ivf surrogacy that allows the specialists to create embryos from the sperm and eggs of the infertile couple which are then transferred to the uterus of the surrogate. This means that the child bears no genetic connection with the surrogate.

When is IVF surrogacy necessary?

For in vitro fertilization with a surrogate mother to occur, the woman concerned must have enough ovarian reserve, besides being rendered medically unfit to carry a pregnancy. The absence of a uterus, presence of any form of congenital deformity of the uterus, medical condition that makes pregnancy life threatening is some of the conditions that can be resolved with the help of IVF surrogacy in Bangalore.

This is all dependent on the fertility center you choose to undergo Ivf surrogacy. Some fertility centers may help you in finding an appropriate surrogate. On the other hand, others leave the burden of finding a surrogate entirely to the patients. Your surrogate may be anyone you feel you can trust. It could be your close friends, family members or even a stranger that you have located through advertising or through surrogate agency. Since the surrogate is the one who carries the pregnancy to term, it is impossible for her to remain anonymous. The crucial thing is to take adequate time in choosing a surrogate in order to choose someone they are comfortable working with during this crucial 9 month period.

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