Try These Simple Home Remedies For Back Pain

Nearly everyone will experience some form of back pain in his or her lifetime. The low back is the area behind the belly from the rib cage to the pelvis and is also called the lumbar region. Back pain is a major cause of missed work. Low back pain usually resolves on its own and is commonly the result of a strain injury. There are many home remedies for low back pain.

Causes Of Back Pain

  • Joint pain
  • Muscular pain
  • Improper diet
  • Eating junk food
  • No physical activities
  • Constipation
  • Arthritis
  • Improper functioning of kidney
  • Obesity, influenza
  • Irregular menstrual cycle in women
  • Too much physical labor
  • Sitting long hours in a same posture
  • Wearing high heel shoes
  • Sleeping in a wrong posture
  • Pregnancy
  • Excess mental stress

Symptoms Of Back Pain Or Backache

  • People with back pain can not sleep the whole night without being awakened by pain from their back.
  • Others will find that it is very hard to pass urine or to have any kind of bowel movement.
  • Most of the time, when you have bad back pain you will lose the ability to control urination or your bowel movements.
  • Pain in the lower and middle portion of the back
  • Pain around hips and waist
  • Reduced flexibility of spine

Home Remedies For Back Pain

1#.Oil Therapy

Take 4 tablespoons of mustard oil, sesame oil or coconut oil. Put it on low flames and fry 7-10 garlic cloves till they turn light brown. Then, strain the oil. Allow it to cool. Massage this oil on your lower back. Use this therapy regularly for 15 days or so, to get effective results.

Massage with warm castor oilalso heals lower back pain. Mix turpentine oil and warm mint oil. Rub it gently on the affected area for quick relief.

Top 15 Benefits Of Oil Massage

2#.Heat Therapy

Put heating pads or hot packs on your back for 18-20 minutes. You can also soak in a hot tub or take a hot shower. For the best results, add Epsom salt to the hot water tub. It will stimulate the flow of blood towards the affected area and slow down nerve impulses, thus reducing the pain.

Note- If you are pregnant, avoid hot bath for long. If the temperature of your body remains more than 100° Fahrenheit for a longer duration, it may lead to miscarriage or birth defects. Therefore, you must consult a doctor before using this remedy.

3#.Cold Therapy

Application of cold pack speeds up the healing process. Take some ice cubes. Wrap them in a plastic bag. Put it on your lower back. It acts as an anesthetic and gives you quick relief.

4#.Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has been used to treat stress and many other medical conditions. Of course, if you are seeking the home remedies for back pain, you should not pass chamomile tea. According to a study, chamomile tea can break down an amino acid called glycine which has been known to reduce muscle spasms. Moreover, glycine is also a good nerve relaxant. By reducing muscle spasms and soothing the nerves, chamomile can actually help you to get rid of backache.


Garlic is also highly nutritious and has many medicinal values. Eat a few cloves of it every morning on an empty stomach and you will experience relief from back pain very soon.

You can also prepare garlic oil and use it to massage your back. It is very easy to prepare garlic oil; simply add few cloves of garlic in coconut oil or sesame oil. Heat it for some time and strain the oil when the garlic appears brownish in colour. Use this oil for a daily massage on the aching areas.


The ginger root is an anti-inflammatory agent and works great in giving relief against back pain. What you need to do is to have some ginger paste in place and then use it to apply directly to the portion affected. To make such paste you need to boil them first, mix the ingredient with honey. Tincture out the water from the solution and you can drink it as a ginger tea while using the residual as a paste which can be applied on to the skin. One can also use eucalyptus oil with it to increase its power to cure. Use it for several weeks and you will see the result yourself.

7#.Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds need to be grinded into a smooth powder along with rock candy. This powder should be stored and eaten everyday in the quantity of 2 teaspoons with a glass of milk. Have it two times in a day and see how well it treats the back ache.

8#.Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is a good antibacterial relief and can be good for back pain remedies. This also helps in preventing inflammation, redness and swelling. Every day during shower add a mixture of baking soda and Epsom salt to your bathing water or simply make a thick solution of Epsom salt and water and apply it on your back.

9#.Basil Leaves

Boil fresh leaves in a cup of water until the water reduces to half the amount. This should be brought to lukewarm temperature and then a hint of salt should be added. For mild back pain take it once and for sever take it twice daily. This is one of the proved home curing treatment for back pain.

10#.Take Enough Sleep

Insomnia or inadequate sleep worsens the chronic lower back ache. So, it’s very important to get sound sleep. If you are suffering from sleep disorders, use relaxation and psychological techniques, consume the correct foods, and cut back on caffeine.

It is not possible for everyone to spend money and visit the doctor for a backache. These home remedies will help you to get rid of a backache. Try them at home by following instructions or under some supervision to get the best results.

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