Try This Easy Homemade Hair Mask For Dry Frizzy Dull Hair

Whether you suffer with an itchy scalpor dandruff, fine or limp hair, dry or frizzy hair, oily hair, or dull, weak and lifeless locks, we have the hair mask recipe for you.

Hair masks are important for improving hair condition some of them are very costly so its better to make homemade hair mask. They will very cheap, natural, no chemical provides nourishment to the scalp and hairs.

Hair mask which are available in the market will damage your hair as they contain maximum number of the chemicals. They will provide luster to your hair but not permanently and if you stop using it your hair will loose natural luster so more emphasis is on the home made hair mask.

Banana And Milk Mask

Milk is a powerhouse of nutrients for hair. It has calcium, vitamins and proteins to bring back natural hair shine and luster. The lactic acid in it whisks away dead skin cells (which might be sitting pretty on your hair). It changes the texture of the hair, and helps in hair straightening.


  • Milk
  • Bowl
  • Cocoa powder(optional)


In a bowl, split the banana into small chunks. Add milk to it, and make it into a fine paste. Add optional ingredients – honey and cocoa powder (if you feel the need). Mix all of it well, so that the paste settles on the scalp. Then, wash your hair as normal (make sure there is no more mask on your scalp). It’s time to sit back and enjoy beautiful hair.

Strawberries Mask

Strawberries help in regulating oil production in scalp and removing oil from hair.It also gives nourishment to hairs and essential for hair health.It also balance natural ph and a perfect hair mask to get shiny hair.It is rich in vitamin C.



Blend the strawberries to make a smooth paste and add honey and coconut oil in it. Apply this paste in your scalp and hairs. Leave for 15 minutes and then wash with the mild shampoo.

Coconut Oil And Almond Milk

Almond oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acid when mixed with the coconut oil and egg white it provides shine to the dry ,damaged hair.Allow for the regrowth of the hairs.



Separate the egg white from yolk use only eff white part. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and apply on the scalp and hair. Leave for 30 minutes and then wash with the mild shampoo.

Avocado And Egg

One of the worst aspects of winter is dealing with frizzy hair. The static from wool caps and the dry air combines to wreak havoc on your hair. This simple hair mask will help hydrate and make your hair look fuller. For long hair, use:


  • 1 avocado
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 teaspoon raw honey
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil


Combine the meat from one avocado with the honey and olive oil. Mix the ingredients well and apply to your clean hair. Leave the mask on your hair for 30 minutes and then wash it out with your natural shampoo and conditioner.

Yogurt, Lemon And Fenugreek Seeds

Yogurt is a good source of the lactic acid and protein,lemon juice has vitamin C .When it is combined with fenugreek seeds it gives luster to the hair and allow to regrowth of the hairs.It is best for thin ,dry , damaged hair follicles.


  • Cup of yogurt
  • tsp of the lemon juice
  • Tsp of Fenugreek seeds


Take fenugreek seeds and blender it in powder form. Now mix yogurt,lemon juice and powdered fenugreek seeds. Apply on the scalp and hair and leave for 30 minutes. Wash with the mild shampoo.

Egg And Honey

If your hair has gotten dry and brittle, you can use a combination of egg yolk, honey, and coconut oil to regain strength. These ingredients will provide your hair with nutrients and help your hair stay hydrated. Simply combine the following ingredients:

  • 1 egg yolk
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon of honey


Combine these three ingredients in a blender until well-blended. Wet your hair and then apply the mask evenly. Make sure that you cover your damaged ends. Cover your hair with a shower cap or towel and allow the mask to sit for 30 minutes. Afterwards, rinse the mask with shampoo and conditioner. Repeat once per week.

Yogurt And Honey

Are you getting tired of dealing with oily hair? Try using this lemon and honey hair mask. You can double the size of the following recipe if you have long hair:


Squeeze the juice from one lemon, then blend all the above ingredients together using a whisk. Make sure that they are well-blended. Add the mask to damp hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap or towel and allow it to sit for 30 minutes before rinsing with shampoo and conditioner. Apply this mask once per week to help remove excess oil from your hair.

Banana, Lemon, Curd and Fuller’s Earth Mask

Also called multani mitti, fuller’s earth is an efficient hair cleanser which does excellent conditioning and maintains scalp health.

Had problems in getting straight and non-frizzy hair? This banana hair mask helps you get that, without any side effects.

Now that you know how extremely effective a banana hair mask is for your everyday to severe hair problems, do try them out, and let us know your experiences and benefits, that I may have missed out. Time to go bananas!


  • Bananas: 2
  • Lemons: 2
  • Yogurt (Curd): Optional
  • Fuller’s Earth: Optional


In a grinder, put chopped bananas and lemon juice. Make this paste as smooth as possible (without adding water). Add curd to this mixture (if you feel the need). Similarly, you can add Fuller’s Earth to this paste (though, optional). Let this paste settle down. Your hair mask is ready to apply.

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Tips for Damaged and Dry Hair

1. Protect your hair from sunlight

Many of you are not aware of the fact that harmful UV rays affect your locks and make them dry and brittle. To avoid this, wear a hat or scarf to cover your hair from the pollution and dirt as well as sun heat.

2. Change your diet

Poor hair health could be a result of poor hygiene and lack of nutrients and vitamins in the body. To repair your hairs from inside, change your eating habits. Replace junk food to fresh juices, lentils and green leafy veggies that are rich in and proteins. It will not only improve your hair condition, but also prevent you from many future diseases.

Add This Healthy Food In Your Diet for Healthy and Glowing Looking Hair

3. Skip chemical products

If you want to treat your damaged hair then switch to herbal hair care products which includes shampoo, conditioner, serum, and leave in conditioners by brands like Patanjali, Biotique, organix, Himalaya, The Body Shop which are alcohol and silicone free.

4. Always oil the hair. Oiling at least 2-3 times in a week is one of the most effective remedies that we can do easily and without spending much on it.

5. Use a hat, cap or scary when you go out in the sun. This will prevent the UV rays from hitting the hair directly hence will minimize the damage.

Try this remedies and share your experiences with us and don’t forget to like and share.

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