Top Makeup Mistakes that makes you look older then your age

There are so many things we do to take special care of our skin in hopes of stalling the aging process: We’ll happily cake on the sunscreen before any outdoor activity, don the widest brim hats we can find, spend a pretty penny on raved-about skin creams and masks, and may even invest in a pricey laser treatment or chemical peel. But what if our biggest skin-aging worries could be fixed simply by changing up our makeup application? Newsflash: If you haven’t updated your beauty routine since your teens or early 20s, chances are it’s your makeup that’s aging you more than time itself.

This 10 Bad Beauty Habits Are Not Good For Your Skin

1: Applying too much foundation

Thick, heavy foundation tends to settle into fine lines and can give you an overall dull complexion. Aim for a sheer or lightweight foundation, and avoid words like “matte” and “velvet.” The goal is glowing, even and radiant skin!

2: Wearing the wrong shade of foundation

When choosing a foundation, it’s important to ensure it matches both your natural skin tone on your face as well as your neck. Choosing a foundation that is too light can make your skin appear lifeless and flat. It will look like it’s just sitting on your skin and can add years to your face. If you go too dark, you won’t be able to highlight your features, and can run the risk of “floating head syndrome” where your face doesn’t match the rest of your body. To find the right colour when searching for a foundation, don’t blend too much. Just tap the liquid on your jawline and try to find the closest shade to your natural skin tone. When applying it, think less is more, and be sure to blend it down to your neck.

3: Caking on the finishing powder

Powders prevent the youthful-looking way skin reflects light that makes you glow. Instead, they tend to magnify lines and wrinkles and dull your complexion. Avoid applying powder to your entire face, and simply dab a little translucent powder exclusively on your oily parts, typically the T-Zone (nose, chin and forehead).

4: Not filling in and defining your brows

As you age, your eyebrows tend to get thinner and may not grow back due to over-plucking. This can leave you looking undefined and washed out. Use a pencil to fill in your brows which will help define your features and create a youthful look.

5: Using too much concealer under your eyes

Applying a thick concealer under your eyes can draw attention to the fine lines and shallowness of the area. The better option? A brush-on highlighter pen that boasts a light consistency and illuminating particles to camouflage dark circles.

6: Only lining your bottom lashes

Many women only line their bottom lashes. Why? Because it’s easier. The problem with this is you’re making your eyes appear smaller, giving you an overall older look. Applying eyeliner to the top should be mandatory. It will open your eyes and thereby brighten your face.

7: Wearing the wrong shade of lip liner

Lip liner has a great purpose. It will define your lips and prevent colour from bleeding into lines around the mouth. But, choosing the wrong colour can add years to your look. Your lip liner should match the colour of your lips– not the lipstick itself. For the most flawless look, use the lip liner to fill in your entire lips. This will ensure it wears evenly.

8: Wearing lip colour in a shade that’s too dark for you

Dark colours are known for making any surface look smaller. Why do you think we tend to wear deep hues on our hips? But, on your lips, a dark colour makes them look less plump and less highlighted. Make your pout look fuller with bright lipsticks and lip glosses in corals, peaches, pinks, and reds.

9: Applying lipstick straight from the stick

The border of your lips tend to soften with age, and lipstick can easily get stuck in those areas. Prevent bleeding colour from occurring by using a brush or even your finger to apply the lip colour, so you don’t apply too much.

10: Skipping the blush

The easiest way to bring youthfulness to your face? A rosy glow! To find the right shade, pinch your cheeks and try to match your natural flushed colour to a blush. When applying, go for the apple of your cheeks, and blend back.

11.Using Too Much Glue on False Lashes

Plus trying to fit your lashes on when the glue is still wet,  “You only need a minimal amount of eyelash glue,”. “Gently coat the rim of the lashes and wait 30 seconds for the glue to become too tacky.” Any less time, and the lash will slip around and won’t stick.

12.Wearing The Wrong Shade Of Eye Shadow

Go for the opposite of your eye color, not the exact match. “This’ll bring the color of your eyes out more,”. “For blue eyes, try shades like brown, copper, bronze, plum or terracotta, and for brown or hazel eyes, blue, purple, green or mahogany will enhance.”

13.Applying Too Much Mascara

Hello, clumped-up lashes. To avoid this, i suggests taking the time to separate your lashes. “First apply by holding the wand horizontally at the base of the lash and wiggle out with your first coat,”  “Then hold the wand vertically for thee second coat to build up length, curl and separation.”

14.Not Blending Your Face to Your Neck

Aside from using the wrong shade of foundation for your face,“Always blend down so your face is the same shade as your body. If it’s not, you are using the wrong color.” If this is a habitual problem for you, that is easier to blend and avoids a caked on look.

15.Not Testing Makeup At All

You wouldn’t just hold up a pair of jeans to see if they fit. You have to try on your makeup, too,“You can’t trust what it looks like in the bottle as liquid products oxidize on the skin and in the air, changing the color and texture.”

16.Skipping sunscreen

Over the years, we have been educated on regularly applying sunscreen to avoid skin cancer. This is exactly why skipping sunscreen in your makeup routine is a huge mistake, and this goes for every skin tone. There are a ton of creams and foundations out there with sunscreen in them, but that is not going to give you enough sun protection throughout the day. Applying a cream that has a 15 SPF before going on with your day will only give you sun protection for a couple hours and you’ll have to reapply. That’s why I would recommend getting a setting powder that has a 25 SPF or higher and continuously applying it throughout the day to not only soak up oils and set makeup, but to also keep protecting your skin from sun damage.

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