Top Health Benefits Of Eating Soked Raisins

The deliciousness of dry fruits is incomplete without the mention of raisins. Small in size, raisin, the dried and dark-coloured grape is also called “sultana” (which stands for golden colored dried grape), and “currant” (dried Black Corinth seedless grape). How can one miss out its popular Hindi name “kishmish”, and “munakka dry fruit” as called in regional language? Very few of us know that kishmish is packed with nutrients, and is a high-energy food supplement for campers, mountaineers, and backpackers.

How To Soak Raisins In Water

Take a deep bowl and fill it with regular or filtered water that is at room temperature. Now, take 10-12 raisins, put them in the bowl and cover the bowl with a lid. Let the raisins soak overnight. Next morning, take them out of the water and eat empty stomach. The number of raisins depends on your digestive ability. I eat 10-12 of them every morning. You too can start with that number and gradually increase or decrease the quantity depending on how your body responds.

Now, let’s see the health benefits of eating raisins.


Raisins are known to swell on their own due to the fiber which is present in them. Upon swelling, Raisins are known to add bulk to the food which is moving through the intestinal tract as well as provides relief from constipation. The fiber present in Raisins are insoluble in nature and help to stop down the passing of loose stools by absorbing the liquid present in them and reducing the occurrence of diarrhea.

2#.Gaining Body Weight

Raisins, just like dried fruits, are known to be a great source of gaining healthy body weight. They are a great source of Fructose and Glucose, thus providing you with immense energy. This is one of the major reasons why Raisins are added to the diet of athletes and sports persons. The amounts of Vitamins, Amino Acids as well as Minerals found in Raisins are known to help in the absorption of nutrients in the body.

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3#.Prevents Cancer

Raisins are known to contain a high level of Catechins which are a rich source of Polyphenolic Acid. The antioxidants found in Raisins are known to search for the free radicals in the blood. Free radicals are known to be one of the primary factors which lead to the growth of the cancer cells within the body. By including Raisins in your diet, you would be increasing the amount of the powerful antioxidants in the system, thereby preventing cancer in the longer run.

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4#.Reduces Hypertension

It is believed that Raisins have the power to cut down the blood pressure and protect the heart from diseases. Recent research studies have proven that there is a co relation between reduced hypertension and consumption of raisins. Due to the number of nutrients which have been packed into raisins, it is believed that Potassium is known to cut down the tension in the blood vessels and therefore, decreases blood pressure to a great extent.

5#. Manage Diabetes

A lot of research studies have shown that Raisins are known to cut down the rate of Postprandial Insulin Response, which is great in case of people suffering from Diabetes. Raisins are known to regulate the amount of sugar absorption in the body, making it even more stable and reducing the rate of health complications and emergencies in case of people suffering from the disease.

6#.Treats Anemia

Raisins are known to contain a sufficient amount of Iron which helps in the direct treatment of Anemia. It also contains many Vitamins belonging to the family of B complex, thereby helping in the formation of new blood cells. The high amounts of Copper found in Raisins are again known to help in the formation of red blood cells.

7#.Cures Fever

The Phenolic Phytonutrients found in Raisins are well known for their germicidal, antibiotic as well as antioxidant properties. These help to cut down the rate of fever in many cases.

8#.Good For Eye Care

Raisins are a rich source of Polyphenolic Phytonutrients which contain anti oxidant properties. These phytonutrients are great for the eye health and they protect the eyes from the damage caused by the free radicals in the bloodstream. Along with the antioxidant properties, Raisins are also known to contain a good amount of Vitamin A, A Beta Carotene and A Carotenoids, which is essential for the health of the eyes.

9#.Cures Sexual Dysfunction

Raisins have been long known to help in the stimulation of Libido and arousal. This is due to the presence of the amino acid Arginine in them which helps in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. Arginine is also known to increase the levels of sperm motility which increases the chances of conception.

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10#.Bone Health

Calcium, which is known to be the major element building up the bones, is present in abundance in Raisins. These dried fruits are also a rich source of Boron which is important for the formation of the bone structure and helps in the proper absorption of calcium. Boron is also known to cut down the chances of Osteoporosis in women after hitting Menopause.

11#.Dental Care

Oleanolic Acid, which is one of the major Phytochemicals found in Raisins, is known to play a major role in protecting your teeth against decay and cavities. It prevents the buildup of the bacteria around your teeth and gums and cuts down the chances of brittleness.

12#.Digestion Of Food

Raisins are great for your stomach. They contain fibers which are known to start swelling in the presence of water. This provides your stomach with a laxative effect and helps to relieve the chances of constipation. Regularly taking in Raisins is known to promote a regular bowel movement and keeps the toxins out of your system.

13#.Reduces the chances of Acidity

Raisins are also a rich source of Potassium and Magnesium. Therefore, they help in cutting down the chances of acidity and helps to remove the toxins from the system. It also helps to cut down the risk of diseases such as Arthritis, Gout, Kidney Stones and Heart Disease.

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