Top Benefits and Uses Of Hot Water For Skin, Hair and Health

Drinking healthy water is essential. Being a healthy person involves maintaining an overall good feeling of healthiness, physically and mentally. When you eat right, exercise, get enough sleep and drink lots of water, it takes you on the right path to being healthy.

Normally, when drinking water, we have it cold. However, it has been proven that there are benefits of drinking hot water.

Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water

1#. Weight loss

If you’re looking to lose a few kilos, drinking hot water is ideal for maintaining a healthy metabolism. A great way to do so is to drink a glass of hot water in the morning to get you started. It helps to break down body fat in your body.

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2#. Clears Sinuses And Throat Congestion

Feeling under the weather, or dealing with a cough or a sore throat? Hot water is a perfect remedy as it doesn’t involve ingesting forms of medicine. It helps dissolve phlegm and remove it from our respiratory tract, hence providing relief from a sore throat and clears our nasal passages.

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3#. Menstrual Cramps

Using heat packs is a known way of relieving such cramps, but hot water can help as well. The heat from the water calms and soothes our abdominal muscles, reducing most of the pain.

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4#. Detoxification

When you want to clear your body of any toxins, drinking hot water can aid in the process. The heat will cause your body temperature to rise, resulting in sweat. Through that, toxins can be released, and our body can be cleansed.

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5#. Digestion

Hot water is particularly beneficial for digestion. Studies have shown that drinking cold water during or after a meal can harden the oil present in the consumed foods. This can create a fat deposit on the inner wall of your intestine, which can eventually result in intestinal cancer. However, if you replace the glass of cold water with hot, you can avoid this problem. In addition, hot water is beneficial to digestion, which is what you want after a meal.

6#. Good For Arthritis Pain

It is often recommended that you soak in a bath of hot or warm water to help relieve muscles aches and pains, but this can also be true from drinking hot water. Since the hot water improves circulation, allows the joints to relax which can reduce the pain you feel from arthritis.

7#. Constipation

Drinking very warm water in the morning on an empty stomach can help improve bowel movements and aid constipation while breaking down foods asthey smoothly pass through the intestines. This will help return your body back to normal functioning.

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8#. Stress Reduction

A quiet hot cup of water can allow you the quiet time you need to step away from the world and rest for a few moments. Sipping hot liquid and feeling the sensations that come from the liquid running down your throat and the warming feeling in your stomach can help you feel more grounded and connected to your body.

9#. Healthy Skin

One of many health benefits of drinking hot water is the healthy skin. Drinking hot water helps you get rid of harmful toxins and improving the blood flow. This further helps in dealing with the skin breakouts and acne. Moreover, a well-hydrated body is less prone to pimples and other skin problems. Therefore, keep drinking hot water if you want to look young and stay beautiful ever.

10#. Prevents Ageing

There’s a reason you should want to clear your body of toxins: they make you age faster. Also, drinking hot water helps to repair the skin cells that increase the elasticity of your skin and are affected by harmful free radicals. Subsequently, your damaged skin becomes smoother.

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11#. Prevents Pimples And Acne

Pimples can exist in any part of your skin particularly in your face, which in turn affects or ruins your smooth and flawless skin. Washing your face with warm water is very much ideal as it will greatly cleanse your body. It will also completely eliminate the root cause of acne-related infections.

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12#. Keeps You Younger

Keeping toxins stuck in our body can cause us to age faster. Clearing it will help retain a more youthful look. Hot water can also contribute to repair skin cells, increasing the elasticity of your skin. Over time, you can heal damaged skin in a natural way.

13#. PromotesHair Growth

Hair Products Industry is on a roll trying to seduce people with all sorts of shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, serums etc etc. While using these products is completely okay, some effort from our good selves goes a long way. Water activates the end roots which is conducive for hair growth. It also keeps the scalp hydrated which prevents dandruff and helps in having healthy hair.

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14#. Shinier Healthier Hair

Want hair like the models in the commercials? Instead of buying shampoos filled with chemicals, hot water helps to energise the nerve endings of our hair roots and make them active. This keeps our hair looking healthy and strong.

15#. Dandruff Prevention

Problems like dry scalp and dandruff are less likely if you drink hot water, as it keeps your scalp hydrated.

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So, start your day with a glass of hot water and experience the miracle! Don’t forget to leave a comment.

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