Top 20 Health Benefits Of Pistachios

A member of the cashew family, pistachios are delicious nuts and rich in nutrients. They are mostly grown in the Middle Eastern regions where the climatic conditions are hot and dry. Pistachios have always been popular for their rich taste, but lately, they have received serious attention from nutritionists. Yes, pistachios are deemed to have wonderful health benefits.

What Are Pistachios?

Pistachios are one of the oldest edible nuts and are commonly used all over the world. They are native to the Middle East, particularly Iran and Iraq. They were cultivated in Iran, Iraq, and Syria and were introduced to the Romans only in 100 AD.

Pistachios are available today in various forms such as shelled, unshelled, sweetened or salted. The shell of the nut protects it from physical damage and various infections. On the other hand, salted and sweetened pistachios may not be a good choice because of their high sodium and sugar content. The ideal way is to buy unshelled nuts, as they are in their natural form and are the least processed. They must be stored in airtight containers in cool and dry places so that they can last for many months without going bad.

Pistachios are one of the few nuts that contain most of the nutrients required by humans to maintain their overall health.

Health Benefits of Pistachios

1.For Good Eye Health

Eating pistachios help to promote eye health too. They contain carotenoids that have shown to protect the eyes from age related disorders like cataracts. It won’t be wrong to conclude that pistachios and eye health go well together. The chances of retina damage that occur with age are minimal when carotenoid rich foods and snacks like pistachios are included in the diet. So, if you are concerned about maintaining sharp vision, have pistachios in moderate amounts daily.

2.Promotes Weight Loss

A significant portion of us thinks that eating nuts can make us gain weight. Such is not the fact because pistachio nuts are low in calories and saturated fats at the same time high in unsaturated fats and protein. This supports how pistachio consumption can help you regulate your weight. If you are trying to lose weight, adding this type of nut to your diet will yield fast and effective results.

3.Battles Anemia

Eating pistachio nuts increases the red blood cells count. Anemia is caused by the inefficiency of the body to absorb iron. Iron is a very important compound playing very important role in our body especially in our blood. Iron keeps the body oxygenated through blood circulation. Because pistachio nuts are rich in copper, iron absorption ability of body is optimized.

4.Good Source Of Energy

Your body needs energy and also to get it you’ll need calories as well as nutrient-rich foods. A single serving of the food is worth 560 calories a number of critical nutrients. When you’re feeling low on energy, a serving of the food can easily benefit you up. In addition to boosting your energy, a few of the other nutrition, like healthy fats, fiber, and oleic acid assist your overall health.

5.Colon Health

Being a good source of dietary fiber, eating pistachios in reasonable amounts can benefit the smooth functioning of the colon. Dietary fiber in daily diet ensures proper bowel movement. Intake of pistachios that contain good amount of fiber will ensure that the bowel functions correctly.

6.Boosts Immunity

Vitamin B6, not only helps in the production of hemoglobin but also boosts your immunity. In fact, deficiency of Vitamin B6 can lower your body’s strength to fight infections by eliminating the free radicals from your body. So, make sure your body has enough of this essential vitamin by eating pistachios every day!

7.Heart Health

Large population studies show that people who regularly eat nuts, such as pistachios, have a lower risk of dying from heart disease or suffering a heart attack. Pistachios provide 360-degree cardiovascular support in that they can promote improvements in cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood vessel function.

8.Controls Hunger

Only a couple of pistachios (about 30 nuts and 100 calories) can offer the sensation of fullness and also the length of time it will take to get hungry again. Additionally they satisfy a substantial amount of daily necessity of protein, healthy fat, as well as dietary fiber.


Excessive inflammation is one of the root causes of age-related conditions, such as arthritis. Pistachios contain a special form of vitamin E called gamma tocopherol, which has unique anti-inflammatory properties. Gamma tocopherol levels have also been shown to decrease as we age.


The fiber in pistachios also can help with digestion. Research shows that the fiber in pistachios works as a prebiotic and feeds the good bacteria in our digestive tract to improve the health of our digestive system. A single serving of pistachios contains as much as 3 grams of dietary fiber.

11.Fights Off Cancer

The presence of carotenes, vitamin B6, phyto-chemicals, fatty acids and polyphenolic antioxidants in pistachios help ward off free radicals. It is packed with gamma-tocopherol, a compound that protects your body from various types of cancers, such as lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, etc.

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12.Aphrodisiac Properties

A research shows, pistachios significantly influence sexual vitality in males. Research indicates that those guys who had a every day consumption of about 100 grams of pistachios for three weeks enhanced their erectile function by around 50 %. This was verified along with ultrasound scans of blood flow within the penis.

13.Prevents From Infection

It prevents various body organs from infections by enhancing the oxygen and hemoglobin rich blood supply to the organs like spleen, liver, thymus and etc.

14.Keeps Nervous System Healthy

High level of the vitamin B6 availability in it makes the nervous system healthy and fit by producing required amino acids and promoting proper nerve impulses transmission.

15.For Better Sleep

Nuts, including pistachios, are rich in minerals such as magnesium. One benefit of magnesium is that it may aid sleep because it assists in helping the muscles relax and quiet activity in the brain by working as an inhibitory neurotransmitter.

16.Controls Blood Pressure

Pistachios also help people with blood pressure problem. Adding pistachios into your daily healthy diet may positively reduce the body’s response to the stresses of everyday life. Pistachios also contain higher amounts of omega-3, making it an optimal choice to help with blood pressure reduction.

17.Anti-Ageing Properties

Health advantages of pistachios include anti-ageing aid. The powerful anti-oxidants in pistachio nuts could be extremely advantageous, with regards to preventing the onset of signs and symptoms of ageing. The anti-oxidants neutralise the free radicals within the body, that are one of many reasons for premature ageing.

18.Good For Your Skin

Eating pistachios are beneficial for your skin since they are rich in Vitamin E, which fights signs of ageing, UV rays and can even prevent skin cancer. Pistachio oil is also used as a natural moisturiser which prevents dry skin.

19.Treat Oily Skin

Oily skin is one of the main causes of acne and breakouts.The antioxidant properties present in pistachios helps in balancing the skin and also reduces the excess oil production from the skin’s surface.

20.Increases Flexibility Of Hair

A hair mask using pistachios deeply nourishes and moisturizes your hair while improving the flexibility of hair fibers. In addition, it is also a great remedy for treating split ends, dehydrated and colour damaged hair.

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