Top 15 Healthy Benefits Of Eating Cashew Nut


Cashew Nuts are sweet, crunchy and delicious snack. It’s also known as “Caju” in Hindi and it’s also used in many Indian cuisines for garnishing sweets or curries. The powdered form of Cashew Nut is also used in sweets and deserts. Cashew Nuts basically are kidney-shaped seeds and they can be found easily in the local markets. We all know that cashew nuts are tasty and that is why they are used in dishes/sweets. But did you know that besides being tasty, they have many health benefits too? Yes, the nutritional value is high in Cashew Nuts and that is why they are often advised by doctors to have them daily. Let’s talk about the benefits of Cashew Nuts in details.

Nutritional value

28.35 grams of Cashew provides 157 calories, 1.47 grams of moisture, 5.17 grams of protein, 12.43 grams of fat, 0.72 grams of ash, 8.56 grams of carbohydrate, 0.9 grams of total dietary fiber, 1.68 grams of total sugars, 1.65 grams of sucrose, 0.01 grams of glucose, 0.01 grams of fructose and 6.66 grams of starch. It also provides 0.622 mg of copper, 168 mg of phosphorus, 1.89 mg of iron, 0.469 mg of manganese, 83 mg of magnesium, 0.081 grams of tryptophan, 1.64 mg of zinc, 0.31 g of valine, 0.224 g of isoleucine, 0.417 grams of leucine, 0.195 grams of threonine and 0.129 grams of histidine.

Health Benefits of Cashew

1#.Healthy Heart

Cashew Nuts are beneficial for heart health. Studies have shown that intake of cashew nuts could have a cholesterol lowering effect and it can be considered as a healthy diet. It also helps in reducing the level of oxidative stress on our cardiovascular system. Cashew nuts help lower bad cholesterol and increase the levels of healthy cholesterol (HDL). HDL absorbs the cholesterol from your heart and carry it to the liver where it is broken down.

2#.Prevents Cancer

Proanthocyanidins are a class of flavonols which fight against tumor cells by stopping them to divide further. These proanthocyanidins and high copper content in cashew nuts help fight against cancerous cells and keeps you away from colon cancer. This is one of the major cashew nut benefits.

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3#.Promote Bone Health

Cashew nutrition benefits include bone health improvement due to the presence of magnesium, potassium and calcium. All these elements together protect the bones from demineralization and in turn reduces the risk of bone fractures. Vitamin K present in cashew nuts work with calcium to support bone mineralization and maintain bone mineral density. All these benefits from cashew nuts lower the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures.

4#.Boost Mental Health

Mental benefits of cashew nuts do not stop at aiding your physical health. Because they contain the essential amino acid L-tryptophan, they are also beneficial for your mental health. The brain needs L-tryptophan to produce serotonin, which affects your mood. If you do not have an ample amount of serotonin then you are at a higher risk of experiencing depression.

5#.Rich in Dietary Fibers

Cashew nuts are rich source of dietary fibers. Oliec acid and plamitic acid are two essential fibers present in our body are required by our body as these are not produced by our body. Dietary fibers helps in healthy digestion, prevents bloating and intestinal gastric problems. Consumption of cashew nuts have been associated with reduces risk of various digestive disorders.

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6#.Eliminate Free Radicals from body

Cashew nuts are rich in copper, which is an essential mineral involved in the elimination of free radicals from the body. These free radicals are responsible for damaging healthy cells and causing diseases. Eating cashew nuts also prevent copper deficiency in our body and maintains the levels of iron in our body.

7#.Immune System

The zinc present in the cashew nut helps protect the immune system against the attack by microbes. They help in protein synthesis and helps speed up the healing of wounds. It helps keep the body state stable during the early development stages of the child and through its childhood. This is one of the best Cashew nuts health benefits.

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8#.Healthy Vitamins

Cashew nuts are rich in vitamins like riboflavin, pantothenic acid, thiamin, niacin etc. These vitamins keep you safe from sideroblastic anemia, pellagra, etc

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The nut has low amounts of sugar and fat. It has good cholesterol that helps in satiating hunger. Magnesium deficiency has links to insulin resistance in elderly people. The magnesium in the cashew nuts helps to offset this symptom. Eating more nuts has shown a reversal in the symptoms for people with type 2 diabetes. The mineral magnesium is used to treat a variety of ailments such as premenstrual problems and psychiatric disorder. You can treat kidney stones, chronic renal failure cancer, hypertension, and myocardial infractions.

10#.Weight loss

Studies show that people who ate cashew nuts at least twice a week had a better chance of reducing their weight than people who did not. More studies are underway about the usefulness of the nut for controlling weight. Gallstones are deposits usually of cholesterol that get deposited in the gallbladder. Nuts, especially cashew nuts will help mobilize the deposits and move them out, thereby preventing the formation of the gallstones.

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11#.Good for Eyes

Cashew contains powerful antioxidant which is readily absorbed by our retina and forms a protective layer over our retina which prevents harmful UV rays. Eating handful of cashew nuts regularly can even help prevent age related macular degeneration in elderly and can helps maintain eye health.

12#.Good during Pregnancy

Cashew Nuts are very good for pregnant women and they should consume it regularly. Cashew Nuts are rich in vitamin C, which slow down the process of gaining and prevent tissue damage during pregnancy. Stretch marks are common during pregnancy but if you consume Cashew Nuts regularly, then it will prevent your skin from marks. Cashew Nuts provide iron to body which is needed by our body especially if you’re pregnant. Eating Cashew Nuts during pregnancy is also good for women with heart disease.

13#.Healthy Gums and Teeth

As mentioned before, the magnesium content present in cashew nuts is very good for bones. So it gives healthy teeth as well as strong gums to hold them

14#.Healthy Skin

Cashew nuts oil is rich in zinc, magnesium, iron and phosphorus and also a great source of phytochemicals and antioxidants. This oil promotes healthy skin by fighting off free radicals that are responsible for skin damages such as wrinkles.

15#.Promotes Hair Growth

The nerve function remains enhanced by the magnesium that together with melanin and elastin helps to improve joint flexibility. It gives the nerves the right amount of tension. The tyrosinase is an enzyme compound that we find in cashew nuts. This converts to melanin, a pigment present in the skin and hair and gives it the colour. This pigment helps prevent the damage due to harmful UV rays of the sun.

Note:-Cashew nuts should be consumed in a moderate amount. Raw and unsalted cashew nuts are healthier than salted ones.

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