Top 15 Health Benefits Of Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds which are called TIL in Hindi is a flowering plant in the genus sesame. Sesame seeds nutrition are rich in calories, excellent source of essential nutrients, high amount of protein, dietary fiber, Vitamin B, manganese, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc. These seeds can be consumed in the raw or dried form, or even as roasted snacks. They are used as an ingredient in several cuisines. Black sesame seeds are more flavorful and have a stronger aroma than white or brown sesame seeds and are preferably used in medicines. They contain 60% more calcium than the white ones.

Health Benefits Of Sesame Seeds


There are two key ingredients in sesame seeds that are phenolic anti-oxidants. These are known as sesamol and sesaminol. These ingredients have shown to help improve immunity as they help right free radicals that can often cause inflammation or disease.

2#.Powerful Antioxidants

Sesame oil contains two unique chemicals called sesamol and sesamin. They are very powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants are nutrients and enzymes that play a critical role in preventing the development of chronic disease and cell damage.

3#.Coronary Health

Sesame seeds are rich in oleic acid which has been shown to reduce levels of LDL cholesterol. This results in a healthier lipid profile which in turn promotes cardio health and reduces the risk of coronary artery disease.

4#.Bone Health

Mineral rich sesame seeds contain calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorous, iron and manganese. These are mineral compounds that are essential for bone mineralization and play a vital role in helping to prevent bone related diseases such as osteoporosis.

5#.Healthy Heart

Sesame seeds contain sesamolin and sesamin, two members of lignans. These lignans help in maintaining the normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels. They also improve the lipid profile. They lower the cholesterol levels by decreasing the cholesterol levels in liver and serum blood.

6#.Help Lose Weight

The good fat present in sesame oil triggers burning of fat by lowering the level of the hunger hormone called ghrelin. Lignans help in enabling your body to burn fat and boost your metabolism. Add sesame seeds to your salads, soups and smoothies to get the benefits.

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7#.Relieving Constipation

Sesame seeds are rich in fiber, which is an integral part of a having a healthy digestive system and healthy colon. This high fiber content helps keep the body “regular”, thus facilitating more complete bowel movements and relieving constipation.

8#.Anti-Inflammatory Qualities

High amounts of copper present in this herb is known to cure issues such as inflammation which is caused in the muscles as well as bones due to disease such as arthritis. Copper is also an essential mineral which strengthens the joints as well as walls of blood vessels.

9#.Maintain Oral Health

This is one of the widely used advantages of sesame seeds. The oil extracted from the seeds is flowed through the mouth which is known to cure numerous bacterial issues as well as smell from the same. It is an effective preventive measure against oral cavities.

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10#.Prevents Diabetes

Sesame seeds contain magnesium and other nutrients that have been shown to combat diabetes. The usage of sesame seed oil as the sole edible oil has been found to be effective in lowering the blood pressure and plasma glucose in hypersensitive diabetics.

11#.Anti-Cancer Properties

Sesame seeds contain magnesium which has anti-cancer properties. They also contain an anti-cancer compound called phytate. Sesame seeds have proven to be effective in reducing the risk of colorectal tumors, thus preventing colorectal cancer.

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12#.Controlling Blood Pressure

As mentioned before these seeds are known to reduce any cardio vascular stress and hence prevents any heart issues. It is known to contain magnesium which is a vasodilator and hence relieves stress on arteries and thereby causing smooth flow of blood.

13#.Relief From Arthritis

Sesame seeds contain copper, a mineral that is vital for antioxidant enzyme systems, sesame seeds benefits to pain and swelling associated with arthritis. Besides, this mineral provides strength to the blood vessels, bones and joints.

14#.Improving Metabolic Function

Seeds of this herb have been known to contain high amounts of protein which helps in assisting basic functions of body such as cell repair and growth, production of energy etc.

15#.Maintaining Hair And Skin Health

This herb is known to contain high volumes of zinc which helps in formation of collagen, a compound the role of which is to strengthen hair as well as muscle tissues. It can also remove or reduce any visible marks on skin.

Note: High amounts of this herb if consumed can result in stomach irritation as well as could show in drrug test as they are known to contain small amount of THC.

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