Top 15 Health Benefits Of Spinach

Spinach is packed full of vitamins and minerals, is low in fat and low in cholesterol. But the benefits don’t stop there. This fibrous, leafy green is a big contributor to keeping us healthy.

Spinach has been used by various cultures throughout history, notably Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern, and South East Asian cuisines. It can be incorporated quite easily into many diets because it is cheap and easy to prepare.

Spinach is high in vitamin A, which is necessary for sebum production to keep hair moisturized. Vitamin A is also necessary for the growth of all bodily tissues, including skin and hair. Spinach and other leafy greens high in vitamin C are imperative for the building and maintenance of collagen, which provides structure to skin and hair.


The best way to enjoy all the health benefits of spinach is in the form of its fresh juice. Start adding spinach juice in your juicing diet to enjoy its numerous miracles:

1#.Rich In Iron

Although the amount of iron in spinach has been exaggerated, the plant still contains a decent amount of the mineral. That’s why vegetarians and anemics are encouraged to eat lots of spinach for healthy blood and proper red blood cell production.

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2#.Headache Cure

Spinach is known to decrease blood pressure, alleviate headaches and prevent hangovers. This is thanks to riboflavin, a type of vitamin B, that’s linked to migraine prevention. Next time you feel the onset of a headache, run for the kitchen and make a healthy spinach salad.

3#.Weight Loss

Spinach is packed with nutrients and low in calories, making it an ideal way to lose weight while staying healthy. What’s even better is spinach tricks your body into feeling full, helping with portion control and reducing your temptation to snack after meals.

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4#.Prevents Cancer

Spinach contains over a dozen different flavonoid compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties and anti-cancer causing components. Spinach extract has been used to successfully slow division of human stomach cancer cells and reduce skin cancers. Inflammation is a factor in all diseases, so spinach’s anti-inflammatory properties are a win across the board.

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5#.Aid in Diabetes

Spinach include a nutritional compound called alpha-lipoic acid.It is an antioxidant, which is actually revealed to lessen glucose levels, enhance insulin awareness and protect against oxidative stress-evoked variations in sufferers with diabetes.

Research for alpha-lipoic acid have additionally displayed diminishes in peripheral neuropathy along with autonomic neuropathy in diabetics.

6#.Improves Vision

One cup of spinach is all you need to get a full day’s requirement of vitamin A. That’s good news for your tired eyes. Beta-carotene is the form of Vitamin A found in plants like spinach and it fosters cell growth and good vision. The phytochemicals in spinach also help prevent macular degeneration and cataracts.

7#.Blood Circulation

Spinach has an absolutely astounding 987% of your vitamin K DRI, which promotes healthy blood and circulation. Vitamin K is also useful for protein modification and plays an important role in protecting bones from osteoporosis.

8#.Digestive Health

Glycoglycerolipids are the primary fat-related molecules found in plants and are a healthy nutrient that is abundant in spinach. Glycoglycerolipids protect the digestive tract lining from inflammation-related damage. Spinach is also high in fiber, which helps break down food and keeps your digestive system moving.

9#.Helps Prevent Asthma

Studies have shown that people who consume high amounts of certain nutrients – including beta-carotene (an antioxidant) have a lower risk for developing asthma. And spinach is an excellent source of such a nutrient.

10#.Promotes Bone Health>

Spinach contains a wealth of vitamin K, which research suggests is beneficial for maintaining bone health. Spinach is also an excellent source of bone supporting nutrients including calcium and magnesium.

11#.Promotes Regularity

Spinach is high in fiber and water content, both of which help prevent constipation and promote a healthy digestive tract.

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12#.Healthy Skin And Hair

Spinach is a great source of vitamin A – a nutrient necessary for sebum production to keep hair moisturized. Like other leafy greens, spinach is high in vitamin C, which helps build and maintain collagen, providing structure to the skin.

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13#.Rich in Antioxidants

Since spinach juice contains a lot of Folic acid and antioxidants, it can reduce your body’s homocysteine level. This reduces any hazards associated with atherosclerosis.

14#.Beneficial for Pregnant Women

It’s worth mentioning that spinach juice is very beneficial for pregnant women. It offers a wide range of essential nutrients required by the developing fetus. In addition to this, it also enhances the quality and amount of milk products in the nursing mother’s body.


One cup of fresh spinach juice contains only 28 calories. Moreover, it contains less than 1 gram fat. Due to this, spinach juice is a low fat, low calorie drink rich in many different essential nutrients. One serving of spinach juice contains 3.5 grams protein, making it an excellent source for an essential for muscle maintenance and growth.

Nutritional Highlights

One cup of spinach contains only 41 calories. Spinach is a great source of vitamin K, carotenes, vitamin Cand folic acid. It also contains manganese, magnesium, iron and vitamins B2, B6, E, and B1.

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