Top 15 Health Benefits Of Eating Apple Every Day


Delicious and crunchy apple fruit is one of the most popular fruits, favorite of health conscious, fitness lovers who believe in the concept “health is wealth.” This wonderful fruit is packed with rich phyto-nutrients that in the true senses indispensable for optimal health. The antioxidants in apple have much health promoting and disease prevention properties; thus truly justifying the adage, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Health Benefit Of Apple Fruit

1.Good Source Of Fiber

Generous amounts of fiber in apples rewards your body in a number of ways. It decreases bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases the good cholesterol (HDL) level. Fiber is helpful for intestinal disorders, such as IBS. The soluble fiber may help prevent against heart disorders and diabetes. It decreases build-up in the arteries and slows sugar spikes in the bloodstream. It’s also good for weight control or loss. When you crave sweets, grab an apple instead; the fiber helps you feel full and can prevent overeating.

2.Boost Immunity

Apples have an antioxidant known as quercetin which is especially found in red delicious apples. This antioxidant boosts the immune system to build the natural defenses of the body. The other nutrient present in an apple is vitamin C that has anti-inflammatory properties. Fibers also enhance the immune system. It is because of this that apples are considered to be high immunity boosters.

3.Keep Liver And Kidney Health

Due to rich soluble and insoluble fiber contents, it detoxifies liver and kidney. So to conclude, Apple is one of the most important superfoods that you should eat and enjoy it to gain comprehensive health benefits. You should eat fresh apple along with its skin to gain maximum health benefits. Eating small serving along with food is always recommended.

4.Fight Against Cancer

Lab studies have shown that several compounds in this juicy fruit curb the growth of cancer cells — but they’re most potent when the apple is eaten whole (minus the stem and seeds, of course). People who munch more than one a day lower their risk for several cancers (oral, esophageal, colon, breast, ovarian, prostate, and others) by 9 to 42 percent, researchers found.

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5.Alzheimer’s Disease

The free radicals can degenerate the brain cells and may cause Alzheimer’s. But apple contains a powerful antioxidant called quercetin that prevents decaying of brain cells. The fruit is also known for flavonoids which are good for your brain as well as neurological problems. It is helpful in increasing memory and logical reasoning by stimulating the acetylcholine.

6.Controls Diabetes

Apple reduces the risk of diabetes, especially the type 2 diabetes. The soluble fiber in the fruit is helpful in blood sugar regulation. The presence of quercetin and flavonoids compounds slowing down carbohydrate assimilation process. Polyphenols delaying glucose absorption and stimulate the pancreas to secrete more insulin.

7.Treat Constipation

Apple is beneficial for diarrhea and constipation both. Its non soluble fiber absorbs excessive water from gut, hence reduces excessive motion of intestine. Apple also increases quantity of stool. It is very good fruit for irritable bowel syndrome where episodes of constipation and diarrhea happens.

8.Protecting Bones

Apples are also effective in strengthening bones and can play a crucial part in overall bone health. A certain favanoid phlorizin, found in apple skin, may help prevent bone loss associated with menopause, as it fights the inflammation and free radical production that leads to bone degeneration.

9.Protects Against Stroke

A research conducted in USA had suggested that intake of apple reduces the risk of thrombotic stroke. Eating apple over a long period of time powerfully reduces the chances of stroke. Quercetin in apple is acting as anti-stroke as per the scientists.

10.Help’s To Weight loss

Adding nutrients, abundant food with your regular diet helps to lose weight faster. Also fiber with daily diet contributes to feel fuller, thus, it reduces intake of more calories. So include apple in your weight loss diet, as it is full of healthy nutrients.

11.Dental Health

Eating apple will automatically clean your teethand improve your breathmaking it better smelling. This is because the antiviral properties in apple help keep the virus and bacteria away from your teeth and the fiber in the apple cleans your teeth at the same time.


Apples help cleanse your body of toxins inside and out. They’re known to clear out heavy metals, such as lead and mercury. Staying hydrated is important, and apples quench your thirst and increase body fluids. They also neutralize free radicals.

13.Blood Pressure

Rich antioxidants and high amount of soluble and non-soluble fiber make apple fruit a good choice to lower down the blood pressure. Apple’s fructose, metabolized by liver produces uric acid, which is key factor for heart health. Uric acid maintains heart healthy and prevents blood vessel from damage.

14.Healthy Brain

Studies, conducted on mice, have produced the result that apple fruit decreases the rate of aging of brain cells. Quercetin, a powerful antioxidant found in apple fruit skin, improves brain memory; it also produces acetylcholine-like neurotransmitter. Hence, it also reduces chances of Alzheimer and percussion.

15.Healthy Skin

The fruit is helpful to give fair complexion and prevent you from wrinkles, pimples, acne, blemishes and black spots due to the presence of numerous phyto-nutrients and antioxidants. These compounds counteract the damaged caused by free radicals, which are directly related to premature aging.

Healthy Ways To Prepare Apples

Apples are a very versatile food. They can be eaten at any time of day and incorporated into all meal types.

Chop apples and toss them into oatmeal with cinnamon, or top whole grain pancakes with yogurt and apple slices. Toss some apples into your salad for lunch or incorporate apples into your side dishes to accompany proteins like baked chicken, turkey, or pork.

Apples are also used is a variety of baked dishes, including bread and desserts. Classic dishes prepared with apples. When baking, applesauce can often serve as a substitute for fat, adding moisture and softness without all the added calories.

Note: Whole apple is healthy except seeds. Apple seeds are naturally poisonous because it contains cyanide. Regular consumption of seeds can cause serious health issues.

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