Top 10 Home Remedies To Kill The Body Odour Naturally

Body odour can be really embarrassing at times. And, many people think that it is mostly because, some people have really super active sweat glands. But no, that is not the only reason. There can be many more reasons as well. Lack of proper hygiene and improper diet contributes to body odour. Here i would like to present you with some easy peasy home remedies for body odour.

What Causes Body Odor?

Underarms and genitals are areas of the body that are laden with numerous Apocrine glands that secrete fatty sweat substances on which bacteria grow, producing deep pungent aroma. Moist and warm environments aid bacterial and fungal growth, providing them perfect temperatures to multiply. Some conditions like stress, anxiety, menstruation in women and anger cause increased sweating and therefore more odor. Some foods that are high in sulphur content like garlic and onions when eaten in high temperatures can make body odor stronger. Deficiency of some nutrients can hamper enzymatic activities in digestion, which in turn result in strong body odor. Naturally available remedies for body odor remove smell causing microbes, restore body enzymes and regulate sweating; thus keeping skin clean and healthy.

Home Remedies for Body Odor

1.Apple Cider Vinegar

The vinegar has antibacterial properties. It lowers the PH level of the skin, making it difficult for bacteria to thrive. There are quite a few different ways that you can use apple cider vinegar therapeutically.

You can apply the vinegar to your armpits with cotton wool prior to having a shower. Leave it on for a few minutes then rinse. Add a cup of apple cider vinegar to your bath and soak in it for 10 minutes.

2.Baking Soda And Lemon Juice

If you sweat a lot, the combination of baking soda and lemon juice is ideal for you. Baking soda can absorb sweat and get rid of bacteria. The lemon juice adds some freshness and a nice scent. Mix the lemon juice and baking soda until you get a paste. Apply this to your underarms and leave it for about 15 minutes. Rinse it off well with warm water.

3.Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is derived from tea tree and has strong antiseptic nature. It is this antibacterial activity of it and the sweet smell it posses that it could rightly be used as a deodorant effectively. Tea tree oil removes bacteria from body and provides a healthy skin. Moreover it is not acidic in nature due to which it can be used over genitals too. Mix few drops of it with water and rinse your body with it. Apply it 2-3 times a day in case of persistent musty odors. Patch test before using it over whole body.

4.Mint leaves

Mint leaves are considered very effective in getting rid of body stink. Boil some mint leaves as required by you. Add the boiled water in the bath water and then take bath. Besides this you can also use the boiled water to rinse your underarms and other areas prone to sweating. Make sure the boiled water is cool enough to rinse your body parts otherwise too much hot water can cause burning sensation.

5.Baking soda

Baking soda helps absorb moisture from the skin, reducing odour. Mix equal parts of baking soda and lemon juice, apply it to your underarms for a few minutes, then wash it off. Alternatively, equal parts of baking soda and cornstarch mixed together can act as a deodorant.


Rosemary can kill bacteria and fungus, plus it has a lovely fragrance. It Is best used topically. Mix some dried rosemary with 4 cups of tap water, add the mixture to your bath and soak. You can also grind the leaves down to make a powder which can be applied straight to your body.

7.White Vinegar

During bathing, add white vinegar to a mug of water and use it to rinse the armpits. This will surely help in decreasing the body odour. Alternatively you can store vinegar in a sprayer and spray it under your arms after having bath. Don’t use any deodorant after using vinegar.

8.Rose Water

Rosewater is a natural deodorant, you can put a few drops of Rose water in the bathtub, before taking bath. Besides getting rid of body odour, this will give you a long lasting freshness.

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9.Tomato Juice

Tomato juice is also very beneficial in getting rid of body odour. To remove body odor add 2-3 cups of tomato juice to bathing water and soak yourself in water for about 15 minutes. This will help a lot in keeping your body refresh and odour free for many hours.

10.Lavender Oil

Applying the lavender oil to cotton wool then dabbing it on your underarms is an effective deodoriser. The oil can be mixed with other oils and decanted into a spray bottle.

Some Other Tips

  • Avoid taking processed food. Include lots of green vegetables, fiber in your diet.
  • If required use charcoal capsules to soak up waste products.
  • Put on cotton cloths in summer days.
  • Wear clean cloths and wash undergarments regularly.
  • Clean your feet often if they are smelly.
  • Keep your body clean and shower on daily basis.

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