Top 10 Home Remedies For Headache

Headache is a pain anywhere in the region of the head or the neck. It may occur due to many conditions which may involve grave pathologies related to the brain to something as simple and common as insufficient sleep.

Headache is a big classification which has been designed according to its characteristics, causative factors and other factors.


Brain tissues are themselves insensitive to pain as they do not have receptors to sense pain. Pain occurs due to the disturbance in the pain sensitive areas around the brain. These include eyes, ears, sinuses, mucous membranes, arteries, veins, nerves, muscles and subcutaneous tissues.

Home Remedies For Headaches

1#. Massage

The relaxing effect of massage can help ease muscle tension and increase circulation, both of which might help a headache. There are massages you can do yourself in your own home or ask someone else to do them, or you can go to a professional for headache relief and prevention.

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2#. Lavender Oil

lavender oil is a great home remedy for headaches and migraines. Just apply two to three drops to every three cups of boiling water and inhale the vapors. It can also be applied topically if you just want to dab it on you and surround yourself with the scent if you don’t have time to create a vapor treatment. And if lavender isn’t your thing, the smell of peppermint oil can also help soothe tension headaches by opening up blood flow in your body.

3#. Cloves

Cloves can be used to ease a throbbing headache due to its cooling and pain-relieving properties.

Crush a few cloves gently and put them in a sachet or a clean handkerchief. Inhale the smell of the crushed cloves whenever you have a headache until you get some relief from the pain. You can also put 2 drops of clove oil in a tablespoon of coconut oil plus sea salt and gently massage your forehead and temples with it.

4#. Ginger Tea

Ginger is wonder herb. It cures many conditions and diseases. Ginger Tea is very comforting for the tension headache particularly for those whose life is on fire. Daily stresses of any times may consume your tranquility. Ginger does restore that.

Grate on teaspoon of fresh clean ginger Add it to two liter of water and boil it to make ginger tea. Let the tea cool down a bit to palatable level. Fill it in a thermos and sip it throughout the day. Ginger tea works on your nerves to distress them

5#. Ice Pack

This is probably the easiest of the home remedies for headaches. And if you don’t have a proper ice pack, you can use a bag of frozen corn or peas wrapped in a towel. Lie down with the ice pack placed on your forehead, or allow it to rest on the back of your neck and your shoulders.

6#. Lemon

Lemon juice that is mixed with tea (lemon tea), provides quick relief from headaches and is one of the easiest home remedies to use . The rind of lemon helps in relieving headaches that are caused by heat. You should apply fine paste of lemon rind on your temples or forehead to get instant relief from headaches.

7#. Rosemary

Rosemary is another useful herb for headache relief. You should boil some herb in a quart or liter of water and put this mixture in a deep bowl or mug. Now cover your head with your towel and inhale the steam from this mixture as long as possible. You should repeat this until you feel your headache is improving. Rosemary as an herb has a calming effect. You can drink Rosemary tea for relief from headaches caused due to stress.

8#. Cinnamon

This is one of the best home remedies if you are suffering from headaches due to your exposure to the cold weather. You can mix some cinnamon powder in some water until it form a fine paste. Now you should apply this paste on both your temples and forehead to get relief from head pain.

9#. Apple

You can get lasting relief from persistent headaches by eating ripe apples by sprinkling them with some salt. Eat an apple with a little salt on an empty stomach every morning for a week. Remove the peel and the inner core of the apple.

10#. Chamomile

Chamomile has a natural calming effect. Drink a cup of chamomile tea to help calm your nerves and naturally relieve a headache.

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