Top 10 Fragrance Flowers Plants For Your Garden

Your garden will be complete only if you have some unique fragrant flowers in it. Selecting a fragrant plant for your garden is not a difficult job, if you are ready to take a bit of your time to go through the long list of fragrant plants. Waking up to a new day and ending the day with lovely smell all around will be an exciting feeling.

Other than garden, small space like a balcony or patio will also make a perfect place to keep your potted fragrant flower plant. Fragrance adds an indescribable, magical quality to a planting system which will enhance the beauty of the flowers. Fragrant plants will be a perfect choice which will add a pleasant aroma to the breeze around you.

The Best Fragrant Flowers for Your Garden

1#. Roses

Being one of the most popular flowers in the world, most of the roses come with great fragrance. Whenever the plant flowered, it would fill the entire garden with high, refreshing scent. I have never seen it anywhere else, and I do not know that exact name too.

In today’s world, you have a great selection when it comes to choosing roses for your garden. Most of them come with nice and refreshing fragrant flowers, which look very beautiful too!

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2#. Jasmine

Whether it’s a night blooming jasmine or queen of the night or poet’s jasmine or any other variety, it’s true that Jasmines are the most fragrant flowers in the world. Overpowering perfume that so many people dislike them, its fragrance can be smelt from far beyond it. Jasmine’s fragrance oil used in aromatherapy.

3#. Tuberose

Rajnigandha is their local name in India, its seductive odor captures the warmness of mid-summer. Its tube like flowers bloom in tropical spring & summer. It can also be grown as annual in colder parts.

4#. Lavender

Lavender includes some 39 species of ornamental plants, out of which some plants produce flowers that have great fragrance. The most fragrant ones are hybrid varieties and their leaves and flowers both have really nice scent that can make gardens aromatic. One of the most fragrant lavender species is the hybrid Lavandin lavender.

5#. Angel’s Trumpet

When angel’s trumpet blooms, the fragrance fills an entire apartment. The perfume from the dangling blossoms is released at night, leading to sweetly scented dreams. The secret to success with this beauty is to give it warmth and the brightest light you can. If flowers fail to form, use indoor plant lights. Botanical name: Brugmansia ‘Angel’s Blushing Beauty’.

6#. Fragrant Snowball

Fragrant viburnum (Viburnum x carlcephalum), often called fragrant snowball, produces glossy, dark green foliage that turns reddish purple in fall. Fragrant white flowers open from pink buds in late spring on irreguarly-shaped cymes. Red to black fruits appear in the fall but aren’t showy.

7#. Marigold

Widely recognized and celebrated for its critter and insect repelling abilities, marigold is a long-time favorite annual. It owes its repellent reputation to oils known as terpenes, which are found in small sacs on leaves. Brush against a marigold, and the odor can be pungent and strong. In the past, Burpee seed company developed a stink-free marigold, but gardeners rejected it, saying they preferred marigolds that smell like marigolds.

8#. Damascus Scented Rose

Damascus rose (Rosa damascena) has been considered a symbol of beauty and love. The fragrance of the rose is being captured and preserved in the form of rose water by an ancient method commonly known as “Gulab Jal”. Also edible sweetie “Gulkand” also known as Rose Jam is also prepared which is Cool in nature.

9#. Lilac

Sweet smelling lilacs are popular shrubs in gardens due to their heavenly aroma and growing ease. They come in several colors, but purple and white are the most popular. Lilacs are hardy shrubs, easy to grow, and generally low maintenance. The fragrant flowers make great cut flowers and attract butterflies.

10#. Sweet Alyssum

These delicate tiny flowers have a subtle, sweet scent. They are a cheery plant and really do not need much to remain happy. Give them well-drained soil and a bright location and they will reward you with a carpet of natural perfume all summer long.

I am sure there will be more fragrant flowers that can be found in this beautiful world, so if you want to share the names of fragrant flowers that you love, please feel free to share them in the comment section.

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