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Did you recently get a body lift surgery? If you did, chances are you enjoying the new contours, tightened skin and a youthful appearance. Body lift surgeries can do wonders for those who have excess skin or fat (especially around the abdomen and thighs), along with those who experience signs of aging and thus have sagging skin.
This procedure is one of many plastic surgeries performed with high success rates across the world. If you have recently given birth and your skin has loosened to the effect that it makes you look worn off, then Atlanta body lift is a reliable and renowned solution for your worries.
An improved body shape with a youthful figure is what the body lift Atlanta’s surgical procedure essentially targets. Sometimes after significant weight loss you may still not feel in shape, and need to get rid of excess fat and tissues that bunch up against the skin and make the body look shapeless.
Body contouring Atlanta is thus designed to cover all parts of the body that may be looking slack, and tighten up your skin so you could feel better again!

What to expect

Once you have gone through with your body lift surgery, it is essential to know what to expect post-procedure. To completely overcome the aftereffects, you may need to wait a few months before you are back to normal. However, within the first month and a half, you will feel that any swelling and bruising that you experienced right after the surgery will start to wane.

In order to recover smoothly from the surgery, it is important that you follow post-surgery protocol and take long periods of rest. This will ensure that signs of tiredness and fatigue are minimized during the recovery process, as the body takes time to repair itself. At Crispin Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, we pay special attention to patients’ recovery and assist them in the weeks following surgery.

Complete recovery will depend entirely on your situation, and on how your body feels. But following a few tips may come in handy:

Your diet will make all the difference

Ensure that you are not only looking after your body from the outside but also from the inside. Your body is fighting to adjust to a new shape and scars/sutures take their time to heal. So, it is highly likely that your body is looking for extra sources of energy. A healthy diet, with high proportion of fruits and vegetables, will keep you from being dehydrated and thus tired. Drink lots of water, and opt for a low-sodium diet as this will prevent swelling and water retention.

Do not sleep in a flat position

After the surgery, try and sleep in a reclined position to guarantee healthy blood circulation to your body. And since this may be difficult to do, a recliner may come in handy for the purpose.  In addition, keeping a wedge pillow under your knees while you sleep will also look after your surgical areas and prevent any kind of discomfort.

Prepare for welled up sites

After the surgery, it is common to experience swelling in the areas that have been operated. To reduce this, cold compresses can be used for about 15 to 20 minutes, and this will rid you of pain and any extra swelling that’s giving you discomfort.

Be wary of exposing stitches

Your incisions and stitches will be highly sensitive in the first few days after surgery and so it will help to talk to your doctor before you take hot showers and exposing your stitches to too much dampness, as this may lead to swelling.

Take some times off

Especially true for those who get a lower body lift, at Atlanta plastic surgery, we advise patients to prepare for a good healing process and give your body enough time to recover. In cases where drains are placed, movement is restricted and sometimes painful, and any amount of physical exertion can slow down your recovery. Drains are usually removed after 2 weeks of surgery (sometimes 4) and likewise, incisions take their time to heal.

Therefore, in order to lessen complications, it is suggested that work be set aside for a few weeks till your body is up and about in its new youthful form!

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