This 10 Bad Beauty Habits Are Not Good For Your Skin

You keep hand sanitizer in your bag, never touch anything in a public restroom, and wouldn’t dream of following the 5-second rule. But when it comes to your beauty routine, there’s a good chance you’re unknowingly exposing yourself to infection-causing bacteria, mold, and more. Find out which of your dirty little beauty secrets are just disgusting—or downright dangerous—and how to clean up your act.

1#.Popping Your Pimples

It’s so, so tempting to dig right in when you see a big, juicy whitehead emerge on your otherwise flawless face, but we all know it does more harm than good in the long run. The two most common problems with picking our pimples are scarring and infections. One of the major causes of acne scarring is from trauma. When pimples form, the oil gland or pilosebaceous unit gets filled with bacteria and dead skin cells. When we pop our pimples the lining of the oil gland gets inflamed, which is what causes the red type or inflammatory pimples. Inflammation deep in the oil glands can disrupt the scaffolding of your skin — collagen and elastin — and create scars.

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2#.Touching Your Face

It’s always amazing when we find products that leave our skin feeling silky smooth, but sometimes it makes us really want to touch our faces. Often, we tend to touch our face subconsciously and risk introducing bacteria from our computer keyboard, the door nob or book bag without even realizing it. So, make a conscious effort NOT to touch your face.

3#.Say No To Expired Makeup

Let’s actually agree to pay attention to those little numbers on the bottom of our foundation bottles that we’ve been ignoring all these years. “Liquid makeup has water, and bacteria flourish in water. Preservatives are added to makeup to keep the bacteria away, but the preservatives stop working at some point. When the makeup is expired, the ingredients will have broken down and can irritate your skin. Plus, it’s an excuse to buy new makeup.

4#.Sleeping In Makeup

When you wear makeup, it traps everything your skin comes in contact with throughout the day — think sweat, dirt, bacteria, and any of the other gross stuff you come across. By the time you get in bed your face is basically as filthy, and you don’t want to be sleeping in that! The makeup will clog your pores. You’re leaving on all the trapped dirt, pollution, oil, and bacteria from the day, and the inflammation will age your skin and lead to breakouts. Even if you don’t wear makeup, you should still be cleansing every night… your skin will thank you later.

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5#.Always Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are in direct contact with the skin surface, trapping oil, makeup, debris and bacteria in their bristles. Routine use of brushes without proper cleansing leads to clogged pores and potential acne breakouts. Plus, dirty brushes can transfer bacteria and yeast to your skin, which can give you nasty infections like pink eye and cold sores. Yeah, pass. You should be washing your brushes at least twice a week to make sure they are skin safe.

6#.Using Cotton Pillowcases

Speaking of sleep…persistently pressing your face into a pillow (especially if you are getting your eight hours) can cause trauma to your skin, including permanent creases as our collagen breaks down. Gross suggests swapping out your cotton pillow for satin or silk as they cause a lot less friction. Also, pillowcases accumulate a buildup of residue, if you are acne-prone, you should try to wash your sheets once a week.

7#.Stop Chewing Nails

If you’re practically making a meal of your fingernails, fight the urge to chew them down to nothingness. It’s often a hard habit to break, as nail-biting traces back to a childhood habit for many people and it often represents underlying stress and anxiety. But, it not only wreaks havoc on your hands, it can be pretty offensive to other people. It’s also a pretty solid way to put a lot of germs into your body really quickly and potentially get sick as a result. While you’re kicking the habit, try keeping your hands occupied with a stress ball or use gloves to provide an actual barrier to your nails. There are even nail lacquers in the drugstore that have an off-putting taste to create a negative reaction to nail biting, which can be your reverse Pavlovian response and the ticket to quitting for good.

8#.Using Skin Care Products That Contain Alcohol

Why is there alcohol in your skin care products? They’re used to help ingredients mix together to form a finished product, act as preservatives, and temporarily shrink your pores. Why don’t you want them there? Some alcohols used in skin care are drying, irritating, and damaging to your skin, and many contain petroleum-derived additives that you definitely don’t want on your face.

Even the types of alcohols that are pretty much harmless aren’t doing anything good for your skin, but if you replaced the alcohol with aloe juice, your skin would be singing joyful noises. All we’re saying is, be choosy when it comes to the ingredients in your skin care.

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9#.Sunbathing And Tanning

Sun exposure is the leading cause of premature skin aging, and it can cause skin cancer, too. If you must spend time in the sun, make sure you use adequate sun protection through the use of clothing and sunscreen. And really, don’t use tanning beds, either. Your tan won’t look as hot when you’re mistaken for a crow.

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10#.Sleeping To little

Healthy sleep habits reduce inflammation throughout the body and help individual cells recover from a hard day’s work. Happy cells make happy skin. Love your cells and get the sleep your body needs so you look refreshed.

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