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Exercise routines should be followed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is true especially for the truckers who spend much of their lives behind the wheel. It is necessary to switch up your exercise routine to stay healthy and also add a bit of variety to your lifestyle.

Life on the Road

Truckers lack ready access to gyms or other exercise facilities. They spend long hours on the go, and the majority leisure time they get is for rest. They cannot make adjustments to their lifestyle easily because every hour they waste on other activities can reflect on their payments. This leads to many being faced with living an unhealthy way with minimal chance to have any exercise at all.

The inability of truckers to follow exercise routines can lead to various dangerous diseases in the long term. Lethal health issues like stroke and heart attack can result from unhealthy fat accumulation over time. Lack of exercise makes it difficult to keep up metabolism, and the fat is not broken down. In fact, truckers on the go have flat metabolism levels, which is quite dangerous. This leads to dangerous blood pressure levels, and finally the crucial nerves in the brain or heart get damaged. The bad cholesterol can also clog the blood passages to these vital organs and make them suffer due to the lack of oxygen.

Adding an exercise routine should be a priority, but it is a challenge to invest the precious time in the workout. Careful planning is necessary to utilize some of the leisure time and long waiting hours during shipments. Below are few of the reasons why it is important to keep a fluid routine.

Beating Boredom

With the long drives having the potential to be very monotonous, it can lower your enthusiasm if you have to look at doing the same workout when you have time. Mixing up your routine will increases your chances of staying motivated and not dropping your exercise habit. One of the most important things when working out, is simply to maintain consistency with your effort.

Preventing Injuries Caused by Overuse

Putting your body through the same motions can lead to repetitive strain injuries. Mixing up your workouts can give the overused muscles and joints time to heal which will help you with staying in shape. You cannot let nagging injuries get in the way of your gains.

Better Pumps for your Heart

When you exercise, your goal as a trucker is to improve metabolism first. You may have a fascination towards the strong biceps and hulk-like chest, and it may have prompted you to resort to weight training. However, the central theme is to kick start the metabolism first and for this purpose, you have to make the heart work more. When you exercise, be sure that the heart works up to 70 to 80 percent of its maximum heart beat rate. This rigorous exercise helps in burning the fat quickly, and you can also do more repetitions in less time due to this technique.

Target Different Muscle Groups

When you do a workout, target a muscle group for optimum benefits. An exercise aimed at a single set of muscles is not ideal to do when you are in a crunched work schedule. Workouts like pushups and pull-ups are excellent since they provide exercise for various muscle groups and save precious time for you.

Switching up your exercise routine is crucial for improving the health. It is not an easy task to spend millions of kilometers and hundreds of hours behind the wheel. In helping maintain your health during this period, a good exercise routine is critical. The improved fitness can also make you a better driver due to the excellent stamina and concentration levels. Once you’ve managed to get yourself into a healthy exercise routine, don’t forget your routine checkups after. If you need a doctor near you to make sure your exercise routine is on the right track you can pay a visit to
The writer, Edrick Hypolite, is currently studying medicine and often takes the time to write blogs on the side on health and fitness related topics for a wide variety of audiences. If you wish to learn more about Edrick you can visit on Google+.

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