Korean beauty is popping up in the press these days- A LOT. There’s are lot of money being pumped into brands going into Sephora, Target, Urban Outfitters and The Face Shop. 

Sadly Americans still don’t have any idea that the best stuff still hasn’t even hit our shores yet, but that’s all soon about to change.

ENTER the silkworm cocoon. South Korea has a booming silk trade business. The silkworm cocoon is the home to a little silkworm that feasts on mulberry leaves rich in amino acids. After the little guys have gorged themselves on mulberry leaves they spin a cocoon and go to sleep. After their metamorphosis they exit the cocoon leaving us behind a little present (after the silk has been removed).

The area where the moth exits the cocoon is the part that is cut off by manufacturers leaving an opening big enough to put on our fingers. I can assure you no moth is harmed.

The Koreans first introduced it to me as a blackhead exfoliator, but by accident I decided to start rubbing it all over my clients’ skin and started noticing the wrinkles erasing. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.

I wasn’t the only crazy one to notice. A writer Frances Childs from the Daily Mail also reported about her fine lines and age spots miraculously disappearing after daily use for 30 days. In clinical tests her lines and age spots had reduced by 20% in those thirty days. Experts say it’s thanks to the proteins found in the silk called Sericin (18 amino acids).

I knew there had to be more to the story. After much investigation I discovered silk aminos attract 10,000 times their weight in moisture. That’s TEN TIMES more than any hyaluronic acid on the market!

What I didn’t realize is that the beauty industry has known about this forever. We’ve been putting silk proteins in our haircare products for decades to add moisture to our manes. I just haven’t been paying attention because that was such old marketing decades ago.

Thanks to South Korean trade agreements with the US and an awareness of Korean products thanks to an article in Marie Claire Magazine,  cheap and effective beauty can now be shipped directly to your home by shopping at M.S. Apothecary . All of the cocoon directions are there on the site.

So exfoliate your way to AMAZING new skin NOW and make sure to catch the May issue of Marie Claire Magazine where Courtney Dunlop talks about all kinds of cool Korean beauty!

p.s. I just want to know what silk worker was sitting there rubbing a cocoon on their face only to discover it’s one of anti-aging’s most effective tools!

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