Sunflower Seeds Nutritional Fats And Benefits For Health Skin And Hair

I know what you’re thinking…BIGS Sunflower Seeds are healthy? This snack food that I eat and devour daily is healthy for me? Most of us assume that snack foods are generally full of words we can’t pronounce, fat, and an immense amount of sodium. Healthy meet BIGS Sunflower Seeds. The following facts may make you change your mind about what snack food to buy next time you are at the gas station, or it may just make you crave a bag of BIGS!

Nutrition Info (Per 100g)

Total Carbohydrate-20g 7% RDI
Dietary Fiber-8.6g 34% RDI
Total Fat-51.5g 79% RDI
Omega-3 fatty acids-74mg
Protein-21g 42% RDI
Vitamin E-33mg 166% RDI
Thiamin-1.5mg 99% RDI
Riboflavin-0.4mg 21% RDI
Niacin-8.3mg 42% RDI
Vitamin B6-1.3mg 67% RDI
Folate-227mcg 57% RDI
Pantothenic Acid-1.1mg 11% RDI
Calcium-78mg 8% RDI
Iron-5.2mg 29% RDI
Magnesium-325mg 81% RDI
Phosphorus-660mg 66% RDI
Potassium-645mg 18% RDI
Zinc-5mg 33% RDI
Copper-1.8mg 90% RDI
Manganese-1.9mg 97% RDI
Selenium-53mcg 76% RDI

Sunflower Seeds Benefits For Health

1#.Cardiovascular Benefits

Sunflowers are an exceptional source of vitamin E, which plays a very important role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps keep free radicals from oxidizing cholesterol. Only when oxidized is cholesterol able to stick to blood vessel walls and cause atherosclerosis, which can lead to blocked arteries, heart attack, or stroke. You can get over ninety percent of the daily value for vitamin E in only a quarter of a cup of sunflower seeds.

2#.High In Antioxidants

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, removing unstable compounds from your body called free-radicals that damage cells and cause aging. The most widely known health benefits of vitamin E are fighting against premenstrual syndrome, eye disorders such as cataracts, diabetes and neurological diseases. Eating a cup of sunflower seeds has over 100% of your daily recommended vitamin E.

3#.Anti-inflammatory Properties

Inflammation is a necessary part of our immune system. However, continuous, excessive inflammation is harmful and causes diseases such as hay fever, atherosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Vitamin E has been shown to have excellent anti-inflammatory properties, which helps reduce the risk and intensity of these diseases.

4#.Help With Brain Function

The omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fats found in sunflower seeds are critical to brain function and health; however, our bodies cannot produce these fats on its own. We need to supplement our diet with foods like sunflower seeds that are rich in these substances in order to maintain optimal brain function for a healthy happy life.

5#.Good Source Of Magnesium

These small but power packed seeds are a good source of magnesium as well. Magnesium is required to carry out various functions in the body. The deficiency of which may lead to cardiovascular issues, problems in immune function, nervous system. Also it is required for maintaining functions of bones and muscles.

6#.Great Source of Protein

A one ounce handful of sunflower seeds provides 5.5grams (11% DV) of protein and all the essential amino acids. Sunflower seeds rank number 5 on the list of nuts and seeds highest in protein, and are a good vegan source of proteinas well.

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7#.Low Carb Snack

Sunflower seeds are 50% fat, 19% protein, 9% fiber, and only contain 6% net-carbs. Net-carbs are carbohydrates less non-digestible fiber. The high fiber, fat, and protein content of sunflower seeds reduce the risk of type II diabetes.

8#.Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Sunflower seeds are a good source of vitamin E and selenium, both of which are considered potent antioxidants. Further, selenium is instrumental in DNA repair which can help prevent the formation of cancer.

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9#.Stress Buster

As the seeds contain bountiful amounts of magnesium that soothes the nerves and eases stress-related illnesses, further keeping the mind relaxed. The essential nutrients present in the seeds helps fighting anxiety and depression.

10#.Improves Bone Health

Sunflower seeds are a rich source of magnesium which is necessary for strong bonesalong with calcium. Magnesium which is present in our bones provides the physical structure while the rest is located on the surface.

11#.Lower Cholesterol

The presence of high amounts of phytosterols in sunflower seeds aids in reducing cholesterol in the body. As the seeds are loaded with goods fats (polysaturated and monosaturated fats), the bad cholesterol is reduced drastically.

Sunflower Seeds Benefits For Skin

12#.Anti-Aging Benefits

The nutrients present in sunflower seeds contribute to the vitality of your skin. Vitamin E the fat-soluble antioxidant neutralizes free radicals in the body and protects us from sun damage. Besides, the vitamin also prevents appearance of wrinkles and scarring. Beta-carotene and other antioxidants present in sunflower seeds gives protection against environmental damage, thus averting the ageing signs.

13#.Skin Protection

Proper nutrition is vital for a healthy skin. The sunflower seeds have high amount of Vitamin E and copper, which are vital to prevent oxidative damage and to maintain a healthy glowing skin. Copper is also essential for melanin production, which is a pigment responsible for giving colour to your skin.

14#.Combats Acne

Sunflower seed oil is a good source of essential fatty acids such as linoleic, oleic, palmitic and stearic acids which encourage the formation of collagen and elastin, thus making your skin soft and smooth. The fatty acids have anti-bacterial properties which protect your skin from bacteria, thus lowering the occurrence of acne.

15#.Glowing Skin

Sunflower seeds are a rich source of vitamin E. This vitamin helps protect your skin from harmful UV rays and give a glowing and youthful looking skin.

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16#.Great Moisturizer

Sunflower seed oil acts as a great moisturizer, helping your skin to retain most of that moisture and providing a strong barrier. Its moisturizing qualities can be attributed to the presence of linoleic acid.

Sunflower Seeds Benefits For Hair

17#.Prevents Graying Of Hair

Sunflowers are a good source of copper. This mineral is responsible for imparting colour to your hair, and its deficiency is one of the leading causes of greying of hair. The rich presence of copper in sunflowers helps in maintaining the colour and luster of hair.

18#.Moisturizes Your Hair

Sunflower seed oil is an inexpensive natural moisturizer for hair. It contains omega 6 fatty acids which help prevent thinning hair.

19#.Prevents Hair Loss

Sunflower seeds also contain vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) which is not only crucial for the absorption of zinc but also has some hair loss preventing properties. These properties can be attributed to the ability of vitamin B6 to boost oxygen supply to the scalp.

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20#.Stimulates Hair Growth

Zinc contained in sunflower seed promotes hair growth. However, excess consumption of zinc can lead to hair loss. Vitamin E also stimulates hair growth by increasing blood circulation to the scalp.

So enjoy these crunchy seeds flooded with nutrients and get healthy!! For quantities to be consumed through diet consult your nutritionist today.

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