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Last week I had attended a tradeshow event here in NYC. There were a lot of great brands with some future market potential. There was one company in particular that had a hair growth supplement that I will eventually reveal if our testing brings forth positive independent results.  I can say it had a lot of great stuff in it, but in the end it’s all about absorption.

Hair loss in women is becoming a major issue lately and this company reminded me that hair loss is about much more than products that clog your scalp or the lack of blood flow that happens at the neckline when you have stress (which restricts nutrients from getting to the scalp). Dr. Pugliese even says that women’s hair loss these days can be caught like a cold just by sleeping in the same bed with a man who has hair loss issues! It doesn’t help that we are in a constant fight or flight society!

What I loved at the show other than being forced to get my nails done is the fact that a company was trying to educate the media about deep science; about a receptor in the roots that stops hair from growing when cortisol is released into the system. I am REALLY over simplifying it, but studies are now close to confirming you can trigger hair loss biochemically with stress. In other words it’s about more than circulation. It’s about inflammation and cellular signals generally brought on by stress.

It’s hard not to speak geek without sounding like I’m from another planet, but check out how stress inhibits hair growth in mice thanks to “Neuropeptide Substance P”.   Neuropeptide P is released by the brain or spinal cord when there is pain involved.

Neuropeptide Substance P as found in Wikipedia is also effected by emotion (i.e. Stress). It also has a lot to do with how our bodies respond to pain, healing and more. If the right receptor isn’t present then out goes the hair!

There is a section in the Wikipedia entry that talks about how naked mole rats (hairless) lack receptors to Substance P. They have a very high pain threshold since there is no receptor to substance p.

Anyway what can we do about it now? As usual I take 5 mg (not mcg) of Biotin. (Speak with your doctor about that first. I also massage the base of my neck as well as my scalp to increase blood flow to the brain. A lot of blowout bars are itching to give scalp massages theses days. As for inflammation it is best to find foods and beverages that are on the alkaline scale (less sugar, dairy, alcohol and more dark fruits and vegetables……and alkaline water). Oh and stay away from the silicone hair products the just plug up the scalp!

I’ll keep you posted on that hair study in the future! Let’s just say Saw Palmetto might be the next Dr. Oz special miracle all over your email/spam! We’ve had enough raspberry keytones to last us a lifetime than you!

P.S. Early male pattern baldness is also linked to prostate cancer so if this works there is a potential for prostate cancer risks to also drop  (wink, wink).

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