STAY HEALTHY FITNESS: New Year, New You in 365 Days – Day 2

Hi Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed the video covering day 1 of the New Year, New You in 365 Days. No worries if you missed it. I will include it in this blog post and as a refresher.

For new followers motivated to adopt a healthy lifestyle the right way, so happy you’re here. It will be helpful for you to read all about our year-long journey of health and fitness improvement.

As I shared in my introduction to the program, I will be covering several important components of getting fit. I will accomplish this goal using several media outlets including my Instagram, Facebook, and mostly here on my Blog. It will be beneficial for you to become a follower of each to not miss daily motivation.

Day 2 of the program – Mental Game

How is your mental game? Day 2 of the New Year, New You in 365 Days covers this very important part of your health and fitness. From beginner to seasoned athlete, we can be hard on ourselves, doubt our ability to succeed, and just feel unhappy about life. 

What you think and believe about yourself plays a large role in who you are and what you accomplish. The body really does achieve what the mind believes. Positivity is a choice and it requires a mental reset of unhealthy thought patterns. Self-bashing, negative thoughts and self-sabotage will need to be replaced with believing you CAN achieve success.

Changing your attitude and thoughts happen one day at a time. Each day you will love yourself more and eventually adopt a healthy mindset necessary for your life and health. The following tips will be helpful to improve your mental game:

  • Believe in yourself.
  • Choose to be positive.
  • Avoid bashing yourself to you and others.
  • See obstacles as learning/growing opportunities.
  • Take one day at a time.
  • Be proud of yourself.
  • Celebrate small daily accomplishments.
  • Don’t feel guilty for eating off track occasionally (this is human not failing).
  • Allow yourself to be a beginner.
  • You’re not being judged.
  • You can do it!

Day 1 Video – Core Strength, Posture, and Water Intake

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