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Signs That Your Partner Lossing Interest In Relationship And How To Deal with it.

Love is a very amazing feeling. If you are in love, you can understand better, why i am saying like that but a  lot of relationships fail. Most of them do, really. And that’s not such a terrible thing. If you have concerns, your fears may or may not be founded in reality. Although we have the 11 signs that your partner has lost interest below, you may need to have a heart to heart with your partner about your feelings to really be sure about their plans to continue in the relationship.

Signs Your Partner Has Lost Interest

1.He/she always to busy

Partners always give each other time in a relationship. They show their care and love for each other. If your partner tells you they are too busy and will not be able to spare a couple of hours to come home and have lunch with you, then they’ve already lost the care card.

You approach them to talk to them about your exciting day at work. They’re always the first one to leave, making up otherwise lame excuses to get away from you. If you combine these two concepts together, wanting to get away from you and caring, you’ll see that they can’t remain together in a relationship.

2.They are indecisive

They keep playing the cat and mouse game: just when you give up, they are all into the relationship; when you want to quit everything, they start thinking of getting back together. In that way, they just grave advantage of you. You should let them know relationships are not determined by such cliché aspects like coming and going when one wants to.

You also have a word there, too. If they cannot accept this fact, you need to leave for sure because clearly, whether you leave or stay is of no such concern to them.

Sometimes, you’ll doubt your partner or your relationship’s worth. If your partner doesn’t care about it as they should, they won’t do anything to assure you everything’s good. Don’t waste yourself for that.

3.They make themselves the focus of attention.

You always make sure your partner’s needs and desires etc. are met with accordingly, but that leaves little or no room for you and all you do for them in their ‘me-world’. This is a major sign that they do not care about you or your relationship! Even if you did not do something grand for them, they would still take your hand and have you walk with them on every path of life. If they stop caring, they won’t even bother. It’s really simple.

4.Always put the blame on you

You’ve probably noticed that even though it’s not your fault, you partner manages to blame you for little things and big things in everyday life. They do not care enough about the healthy course your relationship can and should take. Putting blames on you becomes habitual to them because holding someone else accountable for their own actions is easier to fulfill.

If they truly cared about you or your relationship, they would take the blame and not the other way around. The small things we do in the name of love and friendship are always important.

You two have a fight. One leaves. The other sits there wondering the why and how of it all. You’d expect them to have the decency to come to you and confront you about what happened, to clear things out, but they never do. They just blame you for everything without clearing things first. Maybe you aren’t in a position to. But if they really cared about the relationship, wouldn’t they come and sit with you and talk things out?

5.Treat you arrogantly.

If your partner acts in such a way where they use their high rank, charm or power to bring you down in any way then they do not care enough to protect your feelings.

You know that feeling of security and stability’s among the first bricks to put in any relationship. When that feeling starts declining, either your partner is doing something less than what they did before or your relationship has simply lost that spark it once had. Your time would be utterly wasted by investing your all in something that doesn’t even make you feel secure anymore.

6.Being disrespectful.

What’s important to you and holds some special value, ought to be respected and cared for by those around you. What makes you happy should make them happy, too.But if your partner shows disrespect for the things that matter to you, then you do not need to stay with such a person who cannot treat the things you so value with equal respect.


There is no good in being with someone who does not have your back. You know what they say: support to a relationship is what water is to plants; it makes the other grow. So if your shows lack of support in your, may it be moral, social, financial or personal, it is a major sign they have stopped caring for you and your relationship at that level.

If your partner doesn’t care about leading you towards good things in life instead leaving you stranded despite all their promises to be your guiding light, they’ve lost interest in the relationship and you.

8.Treat you like an outsider

If you are way ahead into your relationship, but you still have not met their parents or gotten to know if they have any siblings and other such personal matters, you should just take it as a sign they are not that serious about the relationship or taking it to that level. You are with them, but they somehow manage to make you feel like an outsider. You make all the effort, answer every question, clear doubts, hold on to the good stuff while they do nothing. It just shows you’re giving them your all but getting nothing.

9.Make you feel worthless

If your partner makes you feel like you cannot say or do anything right, do you really think they would act in such a way if they actually cared about how your relationship is progressing or should progress? It is not you who is in the wrong here, and maybe what you do or say is perfect.

It isn’t healthy for you to be with someone who only sees the darkness of life. Even if you stop believing in the greater good, they should show you the optimistic side of things as that would make you feel better. If they don’t, you’ve already lost them.

10.His/her apologies do not mean anything

Your partner will commit the same things they would later be sorry for, but they actually aren’t. Care and thought has to be put into an apology and it does not mean anything if not enough care is put into it.

Being with such a person can be very damaging for you. You don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t even have the decency to apologize.

11.They try to change you

If your partner cares about you, they would never try to change you, but a careless partner makes you change yourself in so many ways, you feel exhausted.

12.All sex, no love

You know when your partner literally stops caring about the relationship when they do not pay any attention to your actual feelings and respect you deserve from them. Love isn’t defined by something as mediocre as sex. If you’re with someone who doesn’t understand this then you should really reconsider.

13. He/she start cheating on you

Loyalty in a relationship is really important. If your partner actually cares about taking the relationship to a serious level, they will never cheat on you. It’s only when they stop caring or lose their interest in you and the relationship that they waste their time with someone else. So tell yourself that you deserve more. You didn’t break the loyalty oath, they did.

14.No efforts made to protect you

Sometimes, all it takes to save someone is to remind them who they are, help them find their place in life and the world again when they get lost. If your partner does not show any interest in saving you or not even asking you what you are going through, they do not care anymore.

Not protecting you or at least trying to do so would also mean your partner won’t fight for you and the relationship, once they lose interest in it. Do you think its worthy fighting for that kind of relationship?

15. Do not bother remembering what you say.

When we really care about the person speaking, we listen to them, but when we do not care, we are just hearing. If your partner does not even bother recalling it, you should consider that as a sign that they don’t want anything with you anymore.

16.Make you cry more than often.

When your partner hurts you and makes you cry then does not even come and make sure you are okay, then you should ask yourself: Do I want to be with someone like that? Every tear wasted in the name of love and care should matter to the other person.

17.They have it all to themselves.

Whether it’s going out on a Saturday night or planning a trip with friends together, when your partner doesn’t pay much heed into being with you and at least trying to maintain the relationship with you, they’ll keep all the good stuff for themselves and not bother including you in any of it. Being together means doing all the fun things together too but if they don’t care at all, why would it even matter to them that you are out there with them enjoying some happy moments?

They start becoming selfish and you don’t really need them around you.

18.They have commitment issues.

It isn’t always you in a relationship. It’s also what the other person wants. If your partner has fear committing to a relationship, then you should start thinking about where that relationship is going.

You suddenly start feeling like you don’t know that person anymore. You’ll know instantly they aren’t worthy of your love and effort. Your partner is meant to increase your spark, not decrease it.

Ways to Deal when your patner losing interest in relationship.

If you don’t want to loss you partner and want to give a chance to save your relationship then now you’ve started to sense and pick up small clues that he or she is losing interest. That person might be backing away from the relationship or looking for a change. If you are left wondering what to do, start here:

1. Resist the urge to be a mind reader.

You might want to read into every little comment or gesture to gauge your partner’s interest level, but you can’t know for sure what’s going on inside another person’s head. Ever.

2. Consider if this is a period of temporary confusion.

Emotions are fickle, and every relationship goes through ups and downs. This might be a matter of short-term uncertainty while evaluating feelings and your future together.

3. Try fanning the flames.

Maybe the relationship has grown a bit stale and predictable. An infusion of excitement and freshness might bring sparks back.

4. Beware of overreacting.

When a lover starts to feel distant, it can trigger all of our insecurities. Emotional upheavals and dramatic scenes will confuse matters even more.

5. Determine how long you are willing to put up with uncertainty.

It’s up to you to pinpoint how long you’re willing to wait and see if the other person is really losing interest.

6. Be careful not to become overly responsible.

Choose not to feel as if you have done something wrong or that it’s up to you to “fix” the situation.

7. Back off.

See what happens when you intentionally allow for space. Your partner just might regain interest.

8. Don’t play games or manipulate.

You might want to show your partner that you’re losing interest too—just to make a point–but ploys are never healthy and never resolve anything.

9. Ask direct questions.

If you suspect someone is losing interest, remember that you are entitled to an honest response.

10. Seek clarity.

You can say, “I’m not sure where you’re at emotionally right now. Please enlighten me.”

11. Re-assess your own level of interest.

It’s possible that the relationship is cooling off, and you’ve both been staving off an inevitable breakup.

12. Remember that you can’t control how another person feels.

Your partner has his or her own emotions. You can influence another person’s feelings, but ultimately that person is responsible for them.

13. But you can control how you respond.

You can choose to react in ways that honor yourself, hold boundaries, and communicate your needs.

14. Believe that your worth is not in question.

Your value as an individual is not diminished one bit because someone seems to be losing interest.

15. Be prepared to move on.

If your partner truly is losing interest, decide what it best for you and your future. You know there are lots of people who will take a big interest in you.

Hope you like it. Please share your experiences with me and don’t forget to like and share.

Take care

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