As of late I have been getting LOTS of S.O.S. emails about people having strange skin conditions and reactions. When I go through the list of products the customers are using, the same products keep coming up with the same reactions. For instance there is a popular CE serum, (which I will not disclose the name of ) that seems to cause hives and ruddy skin on a lot of people. The Tocopheral acetate is likely the culprit. Tocopherol Acetate on the skin can be considered toxic and in this formula consistently keeps causing the skin problems on people. This company is not a homemade kitchen company, but a well-respected company in the skincare industry. I just personally never thought the formula was that stable despite the use of E.

What most customers don’t understand is that aside from properly labeling your skincare product and making sure your product is not using restricted or prohibited ingredients, the FDA is not looking at each and every product on the market. Here is a link to what the FDA requires

In some ways the lack of restrictions are great because a lot of cool new brands end up on the market. In other ways this can be a nightmare for customers and their skin because sadly most companies big or small are throwing a bunch of ingredients into creams and serums and putting them on the market without doing the proper vetting and testing. I’m even getting reports of mold and products quickly turning as of late especially from the natural skincare categories.

If you’re currently having skincare issues that involve bumps, scaliness or itching I suggest you stop all products and apply benadryl to the skin to calm it down. Stick to major brands like Olay or Neutrogena. They spend millions to test and make sure customers do not react to their products.

If you buy Korean skincare products you don’t have to worry about this issue. The KFDA has tight restrictions and if a product makes a claim they have the certification and research to back it up.You can purchase the best Korean products at M.S. Apothecary.

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