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This blog comes late because I was just with ANOTHER new customer that has lovely skin, but little bumps around her mouth. I get similar bumps when I drink certain coffees especially around my period.

When I first started my skincare career I was seeing hundreds of customers come through my spa a week.  We NEVER saw the amounts of Rosacea and other skincare issues that my business has currently been seeing in the last two years.  Again if I drink coffee, eat gluten or swig a sugar-free red bull (yes, it happens) the bumps might appear and it will take a good week to month for those bumps to calm down. It takes a lot of self control not to want to pick or scratch at them too because sometimes they can itch.

According to Wikipedia, Perioral Dermatitis mostly affects women 20-45 years of age. PD is a sign of inflammation in the body. Stress can bring it on. Drinking and eating too many acidic foods can trigger it. I know that I’ve seen toothpaste trigger it in younger children and the elderly. In Chinese medicine this area can signify the stomach as well so it makes sense that foods can be a trigger for Perioral Dermatitis.

I find that oatmeal is good at calming the skin in these cases. Just whip up a batch of steel cut oatmeal and allow it to set on the face for about twenty minutes. Be careful with this area when using products that are too active. The area is dry and sensitive and something active can cause to worsen. Plain yogurt can also be nice. The lactic acid helps to naturally exfoliate the skin while the probiotics help to support the skin’s barrier where the bacteria is getting in.  I’ve had several customers put coconut oil on the affected area. Some say it clears up when they get more sleep and stay away from processed foods.

I always say food is at the root of either good or bad skin. Watch what you eat and pay attention to how it effects you!

By the way you can’t kiss anyone and spread dermatitis, but aggressive cases can keep people from wanting to kiss you in return so keep an alkaline diet, watch the simple sugars and get plenty of rest!

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