Peach Fruit – Nutritional Value 15 Benefits For Health Skin And Hair

Peach is a juicy fruit and it is very tasty. The flesh of the peach varies in color from white to yellow or orange. Peach has huge health benefits it is a very powerful fruit. Its provide a great deal of nutrients with few calories and no fat. Peaches are a healthy way to fit in one of your daily servings of fruit. Today we will be talking about some of the Benefits of Peach Fruit.

Nutrition Value Of Peaches

The Nutritional highlights in 100 grams of peaches are as follow:

Calorie (45 cal), Carbohydrate (9.54g), Protein (0.91g), Dietary Fibre (1.5g), Folates (4 micro gram), Niacin ( 0.806`mg), Pantothenic Acid (0.153 mg) and Riboflavin ,Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Folate, Choline.

Peach Fruit Health Benefits

1.Good For Heart Health

Peaches are high in iron and vitamin K which are two important substances for keeping the heart healthy. Vitamin K prevents the blood from clotting and protects against a myriad of heart diseases. Iron keeps the blood healthy and strong and prevents against iron-deficiency anemia. The lycopene and lutein in peaches also significantly reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

2.For Weight Loss

Eating peaches instead of more fattening, processed snacks, such as chips, baked goods, cereal bars and cookies, can help you manage your weight. Peaches are naturally sweet and can replace some of the added sugars in your diet. Use them to top unsweetened whole-grain cereal, plain yogurt or plain low-fat cottage cheese, instead of choosing versions of these foods sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup or cane sugar.

3.Manage High Blood Pressure

Peaches are rich in potassium that help to regulate blood pressure. Since the ratio of potassium and sodium in peach is 332:0, so the fruit is extremely beneficial in regulating and maintaining blood pressure. Potassium is also good for stomach problems.

4.Prevents Cancer

Peaches are rich with antioxidants that help prevent cancerous cell growth. Peaches are known particularly for effectively protecting the body against lung, colon and oral cancers. Also, the phenolic acids, known as chlorogenic and neochlorogenic acid, in peaches appear to stop breast cancer cell lines from growing without damaging normal cells.

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5.Healthy Immune System

The antioxidants in peaches, such as, vitamin C and zinc are required for the normal functioning of the immune system. Both zinc and vitamin C affect collagen healing, and subsequently wound healing. Zinc and vitamin C also have antioxidant properties, which can help fight infections.

6.Strong Bones And Teeth

High amount of phosphorous along with calcium and vitamin C are present in peach fruit, which are helpful to strengthen bones and teeth. Phosphorous and calcium can protect bones from various diseases like decalcification which can lead to osteoporosis, particularly in post-menopausal women. And vitamin C is helpful to strengthen the bones and gums.

7.Good For Eyes

Peach juice is effective for improving your eyesight because of the presence of beta carotene in it. The juice helps in improving the blood circulation to ten eyes and the muscles surrounding the eyes. This way it helps in preventing loss of vision due to weakness of the muscles.

8.For Good Digestion

Peaches help the digestive system to function correctly, the fiber acting to prevent issues of digestion and constipation while also promoting growth of the good bacteria in the colon and reducing risk of colon cancer.

9.Cures Headache

A headache is very common problem for people of all age groups, and almost everybody has experienced a headache at some point. The ache can be caused due to stress or tension. Peaches are also used traditionally for treating mild headaches.

10.Healthy Kidney

Peaches are very important for our body, and if you are suffering from kidney diseases like stone, the intake of calories in the right amount is a must. The fruit works as a diuretic and thus, cleanses the bladder and kidney. Peach tea is also equally effective for this purpose.

11.Detoxify Body

Peach has antioxidants and is rich in fiber. Antioxidants help to detoxify your body. The high content of potassium and fiber protects body from kidney, liver disease and ulcer.

12.Healthy Hair Scalp

Peach is good not just for our hair but also for our scalp. It is often used in hair mask for treating various scalp problem. Applying peach pulp on our scalp aids in cleansing it and also provide proper nourishment to our hair scalp.

13.Protect Your Skin

Peach has huge source of vitamin C which helps to protect your skin. It removes the dark circle and prevents wrinkles. Vitamin C, A and K acts as UV protection. It can treat sunburn. It prevents kin dryness and helps in proper moisturizing.

14.Reduces wrinkles

A great source of Vitamin C, peach help in removing wrinkles and hence, peach is a common ingredient in anti-ageing face masks. It tightens the skin’s pores and does wonders for a tired skin.

15.Dry skin

Peaches help to regenerate your skin tissue. A combination of peach paste and yogurt, when applied to the skin and rinsed off with lukewarm water not only the skin but also leaves it supple and soft.You can also rub peach juice on your skin to get its glow back. It can also be used in oily regimens to improve the skin.

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