Oregano – Nutritional Value And Health Benefits

Oregano is not only a great addition to any Mexican or Mediterranean dish, it’s also chock-full of nutrients essential to the body. Oregano, which means “mountain joy”, is a very common and easy-to-find herb, and it is readily available throughout the year in the United States. In the Mediterranean, it’s available perennially. Oregano has an aromatic, warm, and mildly bitter flavor profile, almost “balsamic” in taste. There are tons of oregano health benefits, some of which may be quite surprising!

What is oregano?

it is a small shrub with multi-branched stems covered with small grayish-green oval leaves and small white or pink flowers. You can buy it fresh or dried. Strangely, the aroma and flavor of the leaves is greater when oregano is dried than when fresh, which is unusual for an herb.

Most people think of it a spice to go on their pizza or in their spaghetti sauce, but really can be used all lots of places. It goes well with meat, potatoes, and even as a light garnish on a salad.

Nutrition Facts About Oregano

There are several nutrients in oregano.

Oregano nutritional facts: Serving size, one teaspoon or 1.8 grams ground oregano

  • Calories – 6
  • Fat – 0.18 g
  • Cholesterol – 0 mg
  • Sodium – 0 mg
  • Carbohydrates – 1.16 g
  • Dietary fiber – 0.8 g
  • Sugar – 0.07 g
  • Protein – 0.2 g

Oregano Health Benefits

1.kills Parasites In The Intestines

Oregano contains two powerful antimicrobial compounds called thymol and carvacrol, which are very effective at killing parasites, such as worms, in the intestines. It also contains ingredients that soothe the digestive system and it can be taken to soothe stomach upsets and indigestion.

2.Treats The Common Cold

Oregano is also said to be a very efficient treatment for the common cold. Add a few drops of oregano oil to a glass of orange juice and the mixture will clear your nose, relieve aches and pains, and the Vitamin C from the orange juice, will give your immune systemthe boost that it needs to fight the cold.

3.Detoxifies The Body

The body consists of a lot of toxins from germs in the air and bacteria from things we either eat or drink. With oregano herb, you can cleanse your body as often as possible by including it in your detoxification drinks. Its rich nutritional content of manganese, iron, calcium, vitamin K, fiber and most of its components are ideal for getting rid of toxins. Detoxifying your body results in a healthier liverand better digestive system.

4.Fight Cancer

While oregano is already a powerfully alkalizing and anti-oxidizing herbal medicine it has also been proven to contain carnosol, which has been directly linked to fighting cancercells throughout your body. By eating more oregano you will be reducing and preventing the presence of cancer cells, particularly in the colon, breasts, prostate and vital organs.

5.Breaks Up Nasal Congestion

To clear blocked throat and nasal passages, add two or three drops of oregano oil to one-half cup of boiling water. Cover your head with a towel and inhale the vapour coming off the mixture. Do this twice daily. Oregano is a wonderful natural treatment for nasal congestion as it works as a safe and reliable antihistamine.

6.Helps In Losing Weight

Oregano oil packs a punch against unwanted body fat. As demonstrated by a recent study that focused on the fat burning capabilities of oregano oil, the active ingredient in oregano oil known as carvacrol can actually modulate genes and reduce irritation in white adipose tissue.

7.Improved Bone Health

As one gets older, the bones start to weaken, and in worst cases, you can develop osteoclast or osteoporosis. This leads to breaking and damaging bones that can affect your physical form and ability to walk. But, with the oregano herb, you can help keep your bones intact. Oregano consists of calcium, manganese, and iron which are essential minerals in bone development and strength.

8.Promotes Healthy Heart

Potassium present in oregano efficiently controls blood pressure and heart rate. Oregano reduces the oxidative stress, which is one of the factors that contributes to heart disease. The omega-3 fatty acids in it also help in reducing an inflammation.

9.Relieves Menstrual Cramps

The pain-relieving properties of oregano relieves menstrual cramps. Sipping on several cups of oregano tea a day can help you get rid of menstrual cramps.

10.Gum Disease

Gum disease is known to improve after applying oregano oil. To use oregano for gum disease, apply the oil directly to the gums. Allow it to remain for thirty seconds and then rinse your mouth with lukewarm water. You can even add oil of oregano to toothpaste or mouthwash.

11.Eases Asthma Attack

Oregano is rich in flavonoids, terpenes and carvacrol. These compounds assist in clearing the respiratory and bronchial tubes. Drinking oregano tea mixed with a spoonful of honey can provide an effective relief from asthma attacks.

12.Skin Fungus

You can also use oil of oregano for skin fungus and other skin diseases. Combine equal parts of oil of oregano and a carrier oil and apply to the affected area twice every day. Take care when applying the oil to sensitive parts of the skin as it may lead to redness or rash. You can use the oil to cure toenail fungus as well. Apply the oil to the affected toes twice daily. Continue the treatment until the infection disappears.

13.Fights The Signs Of Ageing

The high levels of antioxidants that are found in oregano can also help to fight the onset of the signs of ageing. Antioxidants help to prevent free-radicals from damaging cells in the body, which can lead to the formation of lines and wrinkles in the skin.

14.Treat Eczema

Eczema is associated with imbalances of the immune system. Oregano oil helps to improve immunity because of its antioxidant content. Eczema commonly results in a secondary bacterial infection and oregano oil can also be used to treat such infections.

15.Healthy Hair

You can even use oil of oregano for hair loss and dandruff. When using oil of oregano for hair growth, you can also add other nourishing oils like olive and almond oil. The herb also serves as an excellent hair detangler. Add half a cup of fresh oregano leaves to half a cup of water and simmer for about half an hour. Filter the solution and let it cool for some time. Transfer the solution to a spray bottle and use on wet hair. You can even add a few drops of grape seed extract.

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