Once again we’re back to circulation. When we stress out our bodies have an automatic shut off system giving minimal blood supply from the neck on up. The blood carries nutrients to our brains. This lack of blood supply from stress can cause memory issues and hair loss among many other problems.

Rubbing the nape of the neck and giving yourself a long scalp massage can help increase blood flow and circulation to the scalp allowing the nutrients to get to where they need to go. You don’t need to be anywhere special to do your own neck massages. I find massages while sitting in front of the computer can be a very convenient time to remember to increase circulation to the brain.

KeepĀ  in mind not all hair loss is stress-related. It can be hormonal, thyroid, traction alopecia (from hair being pulled too tight) hereditary or also caused by hair products plugging up your scalp. There is also speculation that the same mites (demodex mites) that may cause rosacea could cause hair loss. You can find a formula for those mites on Amazon.

Back to circulation I like to add essential oil of peppermint to the nape of my neck and at my temples when I’m under a lot of stress. While I do well under stress, constant stress without sleep is a recipe for big health issues down the road!

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