Now Ditch Regular Sugar With Natural Sweetener Palm Sugar

Palm sugar is known as a natural sweetener made from natural because its very safe to eat for the body. The content in palm sugar can also help add some nutrients to the body because palm sugar benefits for the treatment of various diseases.

What Is Palm Sugar?

Basically it’s a type of sugar obtained from the nectar of palm flowers. The most common palm sugar is obtained from coconut palm. The nectar, from the budding flowers of the palm tree, is filtered and boiled, after which it’s allowed to cool in containers (or bamboo shoots). The resultant white cake is then cut into different shapes and sold as commercial palm sugar.

Palm Sugar vs. Other Sugars

The main benefit of palm sugar over other sugars is that it comes from a natural source. it is not refined and overly processed like traditional white sugar.

The process of making palm sugar is also natural and uncomplicated which means that it can be paleo-friendly. Aside from being paleo-friendly, palm sugar provides a number of other benefits. This type of sugar is low-glycemic and rich in certain nutrients such as potassium, iron, zinc and Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6. Though it comes in crystalline form so it can be used like regular sugar, it is unrefined. Refined sugar is processed to the point where many of its natural nutrients are lost but palm sugar still contains its original nutrient content.

Health Benefits Of Palm Sugar

1.Rehydration Solution

Palm sugar is an excellent substitute for making oral rehydration solution, which is used for the maintenance of the electrolyte balance within the body cells. Next time you make a homemade oral drip of salt and sugar, try using palm sugar in place of artificial sugar. Oral rehydration solution is very useful for people suffering from vomiting, diarrhoea and those leaving fluid as the drink helps them to regain lost electrolytes and energy.

2.Prevents Stress

Polyphenolic compounds and phytonutrients in this sugar act as antioxidants in the body. This will lower the impact of free radicals and prevent oxidative stress, which can lead to chronic disease, cancer, diabetes and chronic inflammation, among others.

3.Hemoglobin Levels

People who have low hemoglobin levels may experience problems such as anemia, pale skin, dizziness, and fatigue. Palm sugar will help you to increase hemoglobin levels and also regenerate blood circulation in the body.

4.For Good Digestion

It is a good digestive agent and is known to speed up the process of digestion by activating digestive enzymes. It is also helpful in treating acidity, constipation and indigestion. Consuming a bit of jaggery after each meal can do wonders to your digestion if you already have a problem.

5.Healthy Source Of Minerals

It is a storehouse of minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. Iron is needed by the body to ward off anemia and maintain the right hemoglobin level in the blood. Magnesium is required for proper functioning of the nervous system and potassium regulates cardiovascular health.

6.Improves Bone Health

There are a number of importantminerals found in palm sugar, including zinc, potassium, iron, calcium, and copper, which play an important role in building bone mineral density and lowering your risk of osteoporosis as you age.


Palm sugar contains potassium, magnesium, and sodium, which are all essential for regulating your body’s water content as well as many heart, nerve, and muscle functions. It has nearly 400 times more potassium than regular sugar.

8.Increases Energy

The raw materials for energy found in palm sugar are slightly different than traditional table sugar, and take longer for the body to process. This means more consistent and long-term energy metabolism, so you will have reliable energy levels throughout the day, rather than the sugar rush and inevitable crash.

9.Ayurvedic Medicines

Palm sugar is therapeutically valuable thus very vital for making herbal medicines. Herbal medicines produced with palm sugar is used for treating typhoid, bad breathe, cold and cough, high blood pressure, Leprosy and asthma.

10.Prevention of Diabetes

Due to the low Glycemic Index of palm sugar, it is a healthy substitute for artificial sugar thus helps to prevent the onset of diabetes. Palm sugar consumption has been reported not to cause a sudden spike in the blood sugar levels. However, diabetes patients should consider consuming palm sugar at a very low level.

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