New Year, New You in 365 Days

The New Year is almost upon us and often includes resolutions to get in shape for many of you. Are you thinking about it? What I have been contemplating is the best way to help motivate you to accomplish this goal. Resolutions can be a great start, but what I want for you is a lifestyle of health and fitness, not a few months of gym rush.
Getting healthy and fit takes time so I would like to start a campaign of motivation, support, and encouragement lasting one year starting January 1st. I am still putting together all the details of the best way to implement the program. I want you to feel motivated, encouraged, and supported on your journey to getting fit. Are you excited?
I would love your feedback and ideas for blog posts, videos, images, or live feeds you would like to see or hear. This will truly be a year of working togetherĀ and learning from each other. What works for one may not work for another, and thankfully fitness is individual and not universal. This campaign will provide a genuine and real place to become the best version of you. I will prepare content based on your needs, goalsĀ and specific concerns. This is your time to speak up and our time to grow together as a fitness family.
The media outlets that will be used to accomplish the New Year, New You in 365 Days are my Stay Healthy Fitness Blog, Instagram, and Facebook. I may also consider creating an event page on Facebook and will keep you posted on that.
The New Year, New You in 365 days will be considered a guided motivational self-help program where you are responsible for your individual health and fitness. I also advise seeking clearance from your physician before starting any fitness program.
The goal is to implement realistic and life sustainable strategies to get fit through tips, motivation, and expert guidance. The areas essential to adopting a healthy lifestyle may include:
  • How to set realistic fitness goals.
  • Making fitness a priority.
  • Eating for individual fitness goals and improved health.
  • How to implement cheat meals.
  • What does it mean to eat clean?
  • The best exercise that fits your lifestyle.
  • Reducing stress.
  • Balancing life and health.
  • Having fun with fitness.
  • How to stay motivated and disciplined.
  • Enjoying the fitness journey.
  • Breaking through plateaus.
  • Exercise modification.

Another important goal is to enjoy the process of getting fit. You will be doing all the work, but I will be with you all the way. I look forward to hearing from you and starting this journey together.

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Be well and Stay Healthy


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