Men Vs Women Here Are The Reasons Why Men Losses Weight Faster then Women


If we live in a perfect world, everything would be equal, but life is just not that way. Sad to say, men do lose weight faster than women. Men and women usually lose weight at different levels due to physical differences. Men’s bodies are typically bigger and have much more muscle, and they are likely to burn off fat faster because of these factors. Even though women can’t change their body to burn off calories similar to those burned by men, they can stimulate their metabolism by just increasing muscle mass.

Here are the reasons why men are likely to lose weight faster compared to women.


To start with, men and women share different body types. Men are large and more muscular because of testosterone hormone and have less fat. For a man, healthy body fat percentage hovers around 10-15 whereas a woman has any day more body fat as compared to a man and for her the healthy body fat percentage is 20-25. Does more fat percentage in a woman make her fatter? No, because this extra fat is part of her physiology.

Metabolism: Men Burn Fat Faster

Men are able to lose more weight at a much faster rate than women simply because their bodies are designed for massive fat burning. Weight Watchers cited multiple studies confirming that men’s bodies are able to metabolize fat 5% to 10% faster than women of the same weight and height.

And the faster metabolic rate of a man is attributed to his size. Because men carry around more weight and have more muscles than women, their bodies require more fuel to function. Hence, the faster metabolic rate.

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Fluctuating weight in response to hormones is no secret to a woman. The primary hormones in a woman are estrogen and progesterone. When estrogen declines in menopause, metabolism slows down and women gain weight easily. On the contrary, over-secretion of estrogen also leads to accumulation of weight. In the right amounts, estrogen seems to help increase the rate of fat metabolism both at exercising and rest. The hormone estrogen helps to stop the production of the lipoprotein lipase hormone. This is an enzyme that triggers fat to be stored in the body tissues.

Men go like hell when they exercise

How often do you see three men strolling around the block at a medium pace chatting about their lives? Ummm … never! Why? That’s not how men roll. Men play sports until their faces are beat red, lift weights until they are screaming and grunting, and pound on cardio machines until they’re digustingly dripping with sweat. Men go all out when exercising which is why they burn bazillions of calories when they do; this type of aggressiveness ensures that each training session makes a great impact on their physique.

The Estrogen Factor

Women also have higher levels of estrogen. This hormone keeps fat on our bodies because more fat makes it easier for us to get pregnant and successfully carry a baby. (That darn survival of the fittest thing, again.) Since birth control basically tricks our bodies into thinking that they’re already pregnant, this is why starting the pill causes some of us to pack on a few extra pounds. Our bodies plump up as if they were preparing to care for us and our growing fetus. Fattier breasts, hips, and thighs are Mother Nature’s way of preparing us to reproduce.

Body Heat

Men typically lose more body heat as compared to women because generally they’ve got larger body surface areas. Once you get rid of body heat, it causes your metabolism to elevate as your body needs to work hard to keep a normal body temperature. This means that while your body warms itself up in cold weather and then cools itself down during warm weather, it’s compelled to burn a lot of calories, and this is more prevalent in men.

Women are literally hard-wired to crave cupcakes.

Unfortunately, when it comes to emotional eating, women win. Researchers at Brookhaven National Laboratory found that when primed with the sight and smell of pizza and cake, men were much better at turning off their cravings while women fixated on their favorite foods, even after being told to think of something else. Other research suggests that women are more likely to eat in response to stress, while men are more likely to turn to alcohol.

Thyroid Disorders

Women have less thyroid hormone than men, while this hormone controls the metabolic process. When thyroid hormone decreased, it will not only hinder weight loss but can also cause weight gain.

Hypothyroidism is a problem that many women have to face with. This disease makes women difficult to control their weight. If you are experiencing problems with the thyroid gland, you should see the doctor and get the best treatments.

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How Fat is Stored and Retained

Women normally store and retain a lot more fat as compared to men because of the higher estrogen levels that retains fat on the body. As a result, women need to work much harder to lose weight at the same pace as men.

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