‘Maida’ Is It Good For A Health Or Not 

Now a days it is very difficult to live without this beautiful white colour flour called Maida. But have you ever noticed it is cheaper a silent killer for human beings. But how? This article tells about how maida is made from wheat flour, what are the toxic ingredients which can mix with maida to make sweet bakery items and overview of other harmful chemicals present in the eatable food products.

How Maida is made?

In wheat there are two parts, the outside shell part is eatable and the inside one is not. The inside part does not contain any fiber too. This part grinded and bleach with benzoic peroxide to form a white powder. This one again mixed with Alloxen (chemical) to form Maida. Because of this process Maida is very soft, it has already gone through the dangerous chemical processing.

Alloxen and Benzoic peroxide in Maida

This chemical is mainly used in rats and pigs for the testing of insulin. Scientists usually inject this chemical to those animals so that it gets affected with diabetic hence can test their experiments medicines on them.To get a pure white colour Benzoic peroxide is used in cloths mill industry. If you take this powder and mix with water, fumes will come out and is dangerous to our skin. But unfortunately this chemical is one of the important intakes for Maida production.

Why Mineral oil and Aginomoto uses with Maida products?

As everybody knows, from petroleum we can extract petrol, diesel and kerosene. Once it’s done we get a smell less bi product called mineral oil. The advantage of this oil is we can make/ fry any food item with and nothing will happen for a longer period. If you make any food item with coconut oil something will happen to that food after some days. This is because of the natural bacteria which come automatically in any food products. But with mineral oil even natural bacteria can’t sustain. Then we can imagine the powerful nature of this chemical.
The other villian Aginomoto’s birth place is China. Because of severe kidney failure reported over there Chinese government banned this chemical. But in India most of the food items are still served with Aginomoto. This chemical adds the taste to the food in other way it actually enhances the taste buds. Most of today’s food items contain aginomoto for e.g. in biriyani, fried rice, soup and other Maida food products. If you buy any products (especially soup) from shop please go through the ingredients of the same and say NO to aginomoto products. I have read some article about aginomoto in that doctors advise that if you fell some kind of headache after having Chinese food no wonder they might have used aginomoto in their food products.
Other set of chemicals which are available in bakery foods are sodium meta bi sulphate, benzoic, citric acid. All these chemicals are hazards to humankinds especially for pregnant ladies and kids.

 Other Chemicals:

Apart from the chemicals mentioned above, maida-rich foods contain other potentially hazardous chemicals like Sodium Meta Bisulphate (SMBS) and Benzoic acid. These chemicals can lead to many complications, especially in pregnant ladies and kids.

Maida And Diabetes:

Now that you know what kinds of chemicals are used to produce and preserve maida-rich foods, you might want to know how maida is related to diabetes.

Maida is rich in alloxan, which induces diabetes. However, it is not the only reason you can contract diabetes.

Maida/ All purpose flour has an exceptionally high glycemic index, so it is digested quickly, which releases sugar into your bloodstream. The excess sugar in turn leads to an insulin spike. Regular consumption of maida or maida-rich processed and refined foods can cause inflammation, insulin resistance and eventually Type-2 diabetes.

If you fry your maida-rich products, then you face a greater risk of contracting diabetes. Fried maida-rich foods contain refined carbohydrates, which disrupt metabolism, induce inflammation, and even lead to Alzheimer’s or cancer.

Where can we see Maida products

90% of the Bakery items are made from Maida. Bakery is a hub for most of the dangerous chemicals. To get colours in food products, need mix of different chemicals. The same chemical (Petroleum bi products) is used in Paints manufacturing industry. Other chemicals used with Maida are mineral oil, taste makers, aginomoto, preservative, dalda, sacrin, sugar etc. The list goes on.


As a known fact in the current life style we can’t completely avoid all the above mentioned chemicals and foods. According to health survey most of the diseases are because of the use of junk kind of food. Maida is one of the villains for most of the diseases. So try to avoid bakery food products and also please take care of your health by routine checkup and regular exercise.

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