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Lady’s Here Is How’s Your Body Change After Sex

Everything you do physically, has some impact or the other on your body, and sex is no different. It’s an extensive workout, after all. Apart from the racing heart, secretion of bodily fluids and the feeling of a burgeoning desire being fulfilled, there are many more things that change when you start having sex, such as the following:

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#.Breasts Become Firmer Temporarily

After you have sex for the first time, the nervous system gets riled up causing blood vessels to swell up and as a result, the breast tissues swell up as well. However, don’t expect it to be firmer for the rest of your life. The change is only temporary.

#.Nipples Become More Sensitive

You start experiencing a lot of new changes and it triggers more blood flow and muscular tension in places you have never experienced before. And this includes areas around your nipple. This process called vasocongestion makes nipples hard, and can even give goose bumps or lead to an orgasm.

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#.Vaginal Portion Becomes More Flexible

Before being sexually active, the vagina is pretty tight but after having an intercourse it magically learns to adjust during sexual activity. The clitoris swells up and the uterus rises a bit in order to make the sex smoother.

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#.Vagina Lubricates Changes

You might have experienced wetness of your own while masturbating but the way your vagina lubricates when you are with your partner is much more intense. Also, it remains that way for the rest of your life. The lubrication may change depending on a variety of factors, including your menstrual cycle, your partner, and your emotional state.

#.Clitoris And Uterus Learn How To Respond

While the vagina may seem inactive before losing one’s virginity, you’ll be amazed to find out how it can learn to function by expanding and contracting on its own. Before and during sexual intercourse, the clitoris swells and the uterus rises a bit, which is something they remember to do the next time you have sex.

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#.Body Starts Retaining More Water

There’s a common perception that women gain weight after sex. Although it might be true to some extent, this doesn’t happen for everyone, so blaming sex for weight gain isn’t fair.

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#.The world Seems Like A Better Place

Sex actually makes you more cheerful and once again oxytocin, aptly known as the happy hormone, is responsible for it. Women release much more oxytocin then men during sex, and this can suddenly make a person very cheerful. Meanwhile dopamine makes people more confident and testosterone can make you more assertive.

# Get Prepared For Some Terrible Mood Swings

Oh yeah, those are legit. To the men reading, if your girl cries after sex or is moody, be nice to her. Because sex can open a reservoir of intense emotions and it’s perfectly all right to feel emotional and even cry out loud if you want to.

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