Keep Your Home Cool Naturally In Summer With These Indoor Plants

Houseplants seem to have made a big comeback these last few years. While decorative pieces and portraits beautify your home, plants can do the same thing, but with added health benefits. Plants are like biological air-conditioners at home. They absorb carbon dioxide by taking in air that creates so much heat, and in exchange, they provide oxygen and are also soothing on the eyes.

Here are four amazing plants that could work as natural aircons at home.

Aloe Vera Plant

This is definitely one of the most beneficial and refreshing plants that one can have in their apartment. It not only keeps the indoor temperature cool, but also removes the harmful formaldehyde from the air. Besides that, you all know about the health benefits of aloe vera as well.

Spider Plant

This plant cools the air as well as absorb some of the toxins present. They grow better in semi-shade or bright filtered light. However, remember they require a well-drained potting mix and regular watering in the warmer months. If you want to have more of these plants, you needn’t buy. Instead wait for them to mature as these ones produce tiny plantlets on the ends of stems which can be cut off and potted up as new ones.

Baby Rubber Plant

Talking about indoor plants that can reduce pollutants and keep your room cool and refreshed, the baby rubber plant needs a mention. You can be infrequent while watering it, but it needs a rich soil and filtered light.

Golden Pothos

You may recognize it in the names of Silver Vine or Devil’s Ivy. With evergreen leaves, this plant enhances the decoration of your room while it removes air pollutants and keeps your home cool in summer. Maintaining it is easy, as it doesn’t require much water.

Snake Plant

Keep it as the best buddy of your bedroom. Reason, it doesn’t take any oxygen away, especially at the night time. Instead it emits oxygen. This is how it helps in maintaining the room cool and fresh. They can be used as ornamental purpose too, as they are excellent in a grouping and grow equally well on the floor or on table-top displays. They can adapt to full sun, however, don’t water them regularly.

Umbrella Tree

Why splash out on a money tree when the umbrella tree has got you covered for indoor climbers? These towers of strength are “easy to care for and will last you for years,” says de Kock.

Areca Palm Tree

Are you looking for the best indoor plants with environmental benefits? Well, this should be your right choice. This plant is a natural humidifier that keeps your house cool and soothing as well, while removing harmful elements from the air.

Care for indoor plants

  • Fertilise and water plants regularly. Whenever possible use homemade organic fertilisers
  • Indoor plants can attract bugs and the best way to deal with them is to use herbal pesticides to keep the pests at bay
  • Provide a source of light, by placing them near windows and balconies
  • Plant sap can be poisonous, so place the plants out of reach of children and pets.

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