It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Chapped Lips With Homemade Lips Scrubs

We’re all about DIYing when it comes to our beauty products,because it means we can control what we’re putting on our skin (be gone gross chemicals!). And this time, we’re making our very own lip scrubs. Each of these recipes boils down to two components: anexfoliator and a nourishing agent, which are a killer combination for vanquishing chapped lips forever.

Warning: You might want to eat some of these 23 delicious homemade lip scrubs, but try to restrain yourself.

1# Minty Almond Lip Scrub:

Combining brown sugar, sweet almond oil, peppermint, and honey, this minty and nutty lip scrub will gently remove dry skin while hydrating your lips at the same time. You probably won’t even need lip balm for days after using

2# Orange Blossom Lip Scrub:

You can make this DIY lip scrub with items that you totally in your pantry: sugar, oil, honey, and your trusty orange essential oil. What’s even cooler is that the tin you use can be an upcycled Vaseline tin.

3# Coconut and Honey Lip Scrub:

Save your money buying expensive lip scrubs and make this simple lip scrub from the comfort of your own kitchen. Only requiring coconut oil, honey, sugar, and some water, you can make this scrub in less than five minutes.

4# Homemade Chocolate Lip Scrub Mask:

For all those sweets lovers out there, you’re welcome. You can get your chocolate fix and some soft lips with this lip scrub mask. Made with hydrating ingredients like olive oil and honey andexfoliating ingredients like sugar and cocoa powder, you’ll be trying to resist licking your lips while this mask works its magic.

5# Flavored Lip Scrub:

This recipe couldn’t be easier, and you can customize the flavor with your favorite lip balm . Just combine it with some petroleum jelly and some sugar for instant exfoliating action!

6# Homemade Natural Lib Scrub:

Can’t choose what kind of sugar to use as your exfoliator? Opt for this recipe that calls for both brown and white, plus honey and olive oil for extra moisture.

7# Brown Sugar + Vanilla Lip Scrub:

No, that’s not a step out of your latest cup cake recipe. It’s a simple + sweet combo for gorgeous lips.

8# Lime + coconut Homemade Lip Scrub:

Put the limein the coconut and rub it on your lips. and wash with water.

9# Vanilla Peppermint Lip Scrub:

If you want to get fancy with your scrub, opt for this vanilla + peppermint option. It calls for evaporated cane juice sugar, vanilla oil in jojoba and peppermint oil.

10# Creamy Lip Scrub for Sensitive Skin:

We feel you, sensitive-skinned sisters. Choose this scrub, which is a combo of yogurt, milk and coarsely ground oats, for a non-irritating option.

How do you combat the chapped lip blues? Have any homemade lip scrubs made an appearance in your cosmetic drawer yet? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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