Demi Moore with a cloth mask

The Koreans are hitting hard with their masks here in the USA. Koreans use cloth masks probably as much as they brush their teeth. In Korea the drugstores and stores are filled with aisles of masks! You’ve also probably seen them on twitter and instagram worn by celebs such as Demi Moore and Jessica Simpson (or me lol).

 Cloth masks are the most popular kind of mask because they are so cheap to produce. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and formulas. There is a mask for virtually EVERY type of skin problem made with any type of fruit, vegetable or ingredient. They’re perfect to prevent dehydrated skin caused by traveling, before applying makeup for big events or virtually any other reason.

The problem is most people do not know how to use a cloth mask. Most people think you apply the mask until it dries and then remove it. Yes, you want to soak up as much “juice” as possible, but you don’t want to rob your own skin of moisture! 

What happens when you use a cloth mask and it begins to dry on the face is it begins to suck the moisture out of your own skin. This is so counter productive!

Generally you want to leave the mask on (10 minutes even if it says 15-20 minutes) until it begins to dry. Once you remove the mask you massage the rest of the serum in. If there is any serum left in the packet the mask came in you want to take that and massage it into the neck and chest because I guarantee you didn’t apply any on your neck to begin with.

Masks should become a regular part of your beauty routine after cleansing. They can run about $2 a mask and you can really prevent and reverse aging and skin issues!

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