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How To Keep Your Men Happily With You In Love Forever

When you’re first in love, you probably don’t need reminders or tips to make your guy feel special. You naturally spoil him, and give him all your attention. But over time, it’s all too easy to take your guy for granted and get wrapped up in other things, especially if you are busy with career and/or kids. Sure, you still love your guy. You think he knows that, but do you really show him?

Generally, men are known to have certain “stereotypical” needs such as physical intimacy, food, sports, bro-time, etc. But, when it comes to being in a committed relationship, men too look for emotional and mental satisfaction, as much as women. Probably the wavelength of their needs and expectations may vary from women (and even from person to person), but in order to prevent your man from running away from you and the relationship, girls, here are a few things you must know as well.

Well, to keep him hooked to your side forever, you need to treat your man just the way you want him to treat you. A little role reversal is necessary from time to time. The given below tips will guide you.

1. Tell Him You Love Him

By saying the words, you’re reminding him how important he is to you. It’ll make him feel special every time just because he knows you’re telling him something that you’re not saying to any other man.

2. Let him (sometimes) win!

Although not a rule, but protocol dictates that men should be the ones to lose all the domestic fights. But then again, let him win an argument or two every now and then. Your defeat will not only boost his ego, but will also make your next victory feel sweeter.

Winning a domestic fight gives him a sense of control over the relationship, which men need every now and then to calm their machismo, or else an outburst awaits which will not be good for the either of you.

3. Let Him Know He’s Needed

A man feels most secure in a relationship where he’s needed in a variety of ways—let him fix things, lift things, move things, and come to him for advice and counsel on things you don’t know much about. I know just where to go when technology has me stumped! It’s good to be independent and know your own mind, but balance that with giving him the opportunity to be there for you.

4. Tell Him You Miss Him

Men, like women, need to feel they are missed when they’re not around. They don’t want to hear it constantly or in a demanding, possessive sort of way, but they do want to hear it. Think of creative ways to let him know you’re missing him. Leave notes in his luggage for him to find when he’s away. Tell him what you’re doing and add that you wish he was there to enjoy it with you, then let him know you’ll be right there waiting for him when he gets back.

5. Pick the tab

Take monetary control occasionally (and by that, we do not mean taking both money and control from him!). Once in a while pick up the tab when dining out, buy a gift for him, or take care of making the plans and the reservations. Things like these would make him feel pampered and special.he might only smile faintly with appreciation smacked all over his face, but it would mean the world to him! Just remember how special you feel every time he takes you out on a fancy date and plans everything perfectly. What we are asking is that just return the favour every once in a while.

6. Answer his fantasies

There are just a few things men love more than their fantasies being answered by their sweethearts. Ask him what he wants, what he would like to do, or like you to do- just take control.Although men love staying in control when behind closed doors, they equally enjoy being guided too. What’s more? It would also drive away the boredom that might be creeping in your bedroom. Just keep these three points in mind- be passionate, be naughty and be spontaneous.

7. Be flexible and supportive

Men adore women who can adjust, and who are simple and supportive. Be honest but not brutally honest (and yes, there is a big difference!). Try not to nag him and do not mock his dreams and ambitions.Supporting your partner, especially during their tough times, is not an easy task for everyone. But, let us make it a little easier for you.

8. Show him off

Just like you love it when your sweetheart brags about you, your habits and your qualities; he would love it when you too would do the same.Bragging about your man, or “showing him off”, always sends out a loud and clear message that- “I am lucky to have found a man like you!”

9. Tend to his “loves”

Watch the football game with him, cheer for his favourite team, show interest in his hobbies, play his favourite video game with him, treat his mother like your own, get along with the friends’ group and encourage him in his endeavours. All these activities show him much you care for him and love him.

10. Give him space

Most women feel that giving their men too much space might make them run in the opposite direction. But, when your man truly loves you and is committed to you, believe us, he is not going anywhere. So, loosen the leash at times. Give him his space and let him enjoy his time out with his buddies, without incessantly calling or texting him.

11. Appreciate him

Don’t you love it when your man appreciates you for things you do and the person you are? Also, doesn’t it make you feel so good to be in a relationship where your partner does not take you for granted? Well, same goes for the men too.
So, another simple trick to keep him hooked to your side is to just make him feel appreciated as well.

12. Shower him with “XOXO”, even when no reason!

Well, no matter how much men may deny finding pleasure in what they call “sappy romantic” gestures, they too enjoy being at the receiving end as much as you do. So, give him some hugs and kisses, even when there is no reason.
When he comes home from work or when he has done something small, like laying out the dishes or ironing the clothes, give him a tight hug or a small kiss, and watch him melt away like butter. What’s more? This unexpected shower of love time and again will make him, consciously or unconsciously, do special things for you or around you.

13. Pamper Him

Now and again, pull out all the stops to let him know just how special he is. Give him a full massage with oils and relaxing music. Draw him a hot bath and let him soak after a long week. Massage his feet while you watch a movie together. Get him a gift card for a spa. Prepare his favorite meal with all the trimmings and his favorite beverage. Let him know he’s special by letting him be the one to relax, while you do all the work getting him there. (and hope he reciprocates at some point!)

14. Tell Him You Want Him

There’s something that really gets a man going, and that is to know that he’s wanted. This isn’t just about wanting him to be there when you’re sad, or wanting him to fix something around the house. This is also about wanting him sexually. Don’t hold back from telling him how much you enjoy his company, his body, the way he makes love to you. Desiring him will make him want to be with you, and lets him know just how special you think he is.

15. Be Sexual With Hm

Men react to sex; they need it, they want it, and they feel special if their woman is generous in the bedroom. Don’t use sex as a motivation, punishment, or weapon with him. Feel confident in your sexuality and be willing to engage in loving sex regularly.

Well girls, when you make some special efforts for your man, it would not only keep him hooked to your side forever, but will also make him return the favour in a much sweeter way. So, what are you waiting for? Try these out, and keep your man hooked and happy in love!

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