Healthy Midnight Food Snacks Options


You know that middle of the night moment? When hunger runs high and will power runs low. When you would pain yourself to get up from the cosy comfort of your bed and stand in front of the refrigerator going through leftovers or searching kitchen cupboards for that exact something that would hit the spot like ripping open a big bag of chips or a packet of chocolate chip cookies.

Come morning, that calorie high midnight snack would not sit easy on your conscience or your gut. You might make a promise to yourself to never repeat this act again but it will all be conveniently forgotten when the munchies monster strikes at night.

15 Healthy Midnight Snack Options

1#.Cottage Cheese

Some people hate cottage cheese, but it’s a fantastic snack for weight control. Make your serving a tasty treat by mixing in blueberries and almonds for an anytime snack, whether it be late night or early morning.

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2#.Plain, Low-Fat Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the best foods your body can eat, especially because it balances the bacteria in your gut and helps with digestion. For the best results, opt for plain, unsweetened, unflavored, low-fat yogurt. The flavorings can add up to a ton of sugar that will lay in your stomach at night, which can contribute to weight gain. Also, stick to low-fat instead of non-fat. When all of the natural fat is taken out of yogurt, other additives are put in to make it taste like regular yogurt, and those additives are not good for your body.

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3#.Raw, Unsalted Almonds

Pick up a package of raw, unsalted almonds for a snack packed with protein and good for you fats. Stay away from anything roasted, salted or flavored to keep the integrity of the snack pure, and limit yourself to no more than about 15 almonds.

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Get yourself one cup of blueberries and snack away with only 80 calories and 4 grams of protein. With a high water content and enough antioxidants to make your skin glow, blueberries will fill you up and hold off signs of aging. That’s a win-win.


Because they’re fluid-dense (meaning they’re great at making you feel full quickly), carrots are fantastic for not only keeping weight off, but also for losing weight. They’re also packed with vitamins and antioxidants, so your skin will thank you for eating carrots. For an extra dose of flavor, dip carrots in hummus, another great snack that won’t cause weight gain.

6#.Baked fruits

if it’s something warm, sweet and gooey you’re craving, the obvious choice is warm melt-in-your-mouth piece of brownie or pie. But here’s another idea, peel a banana or core and apple or pear, bake it with just a sprinkle of brown sugar on top just enough to make it all soft, take it out, sprinkle some cinnamon and enjoy. It’s almost like pie without the high calorie crust!

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Hand-popped popcorn makes a great midnight snack as long as you eat the plain kind and stay away from those with too much salt and flavored powder. Instead, try sprinkling some red chili powder, cinnamon, or masala for a unique flavor. Adding a mixture of cayenne pepper, and nutritional yeast is another great way of enjoying your popcorn without feeling guilty or packing on more pounds. Just make sure your popcorn is of the whole grain variety so it’s healthier for you.

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Aside from satisfying your late- night cravings, a nice glass of warm milk can also help you sleep better because of its tryptophan content which stimulates serotonin production in the body and induces sleep. You can even add vanilla- flavored protein powder to a cup of skimmed milk and blend the mixture with ice to make a healthy milkshake.

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Whole grain breakfast cereals, grains, and oatmeal may be breakfast food, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them at night, as well. Wheat flakes, muesli, bran flakes, and rolled. A among others, are rich in fiber and protein and are great with yogurt or skimmed milk. You can even throw in some blueberries and strawberries to the mix which are filled with antioxidants and can do wonders for your body. You can’t go wrong with these healthy snacks as long as you stay away from anything with too much carbohydrate content as this can cause your blood sugar levels to shoot up and keep you from sleeping comfortably through the night.


Either on toast with peanut butter (the added protein will keep you full), or on their own, bananas are great snack if you’re hungry at night. Bananas are also a great source of natural muscle-relaxants magnesium and potassium, which will help you fall asleep.


Turkey contains the amino acid tryptophan, the chemical that makes you drowsy, which (partially) explains why you just want to take a nap after Thanksgiving dinner. Eat a few turkey slices on some rice crackers for a healthy way to ease your hunger before bedtime.

12#.Apple and Peanut Butter

Apples on their own are great for you, but add in the protein that peanut butter brings to the equation and this snack cannot be beat. Peanut butter is mostly fat…true! But that doesn’t make it fattening unless you’re downing the entire jar.A spoonful of reduced fat peanut butter paired with a sliced up apple, not only makes for a great combination, but will also keep you awake and alert throughout the night. Because as the saying goes, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.”

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13#.Hummus with Vegetables

Hummus is another great grab-and-go snack, coming in already portioned containers. In roughly one tablespoon, there are only 27 calories.

“Hummus is very healthy, but relatively high in fat. Don’t use too much of the hummus and stretch it by using baby carrots, celery, or cucumber for additional flavor and nutrients.

Vegetables are natural sources of energy, giving this snack the added boost to keep you feeling rejuvenated.

14#.Baked sweet potato fries

There is almost nothing as tasty as French fries, especially those we eat at late-night hours. In this recipe, you will bake and not fry, but without losing any flavor. Sweet potato fries contain a good amount of vitamin A, which will give a boost to your eyes at the end of a long day.

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15#.Vegetable omelet

Although omelets can look like the best option on midnight menu, but the serving sizes are not good for your health. Instead, make your own healthier version by tossing in a lot of vegetables.

And don’t forget to drink water. Dehydration is one of the biggest reasons you feel hungry. You may actually just be mistaking your thirst for hunger. Drink a glass of water whenever you feel hungry in the middle of the night, and your stomach will most likely settle down. You can also drink a glass right before bed to avoid waking up in the middle of the night hungry. If plain water won’t cut it for you, try squeezing some lime or adding a slice of lemon in your glass for added health benefits. A slice of cucumber will also be good for your skin.

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