Healthy Benefits Of Pumpkin Seeds For Your Overall Body 

Pumpkin is one of the most delicious vegetables. It is commonly used in cooking various dishes. This pulpy vegetable has many seeds that are often thrown away, as most of us are unaware of their wonderful taste and health benefits.

Pumpkin seeds are loaded with a number of healthy nutrients including zinc, amino acids and a variety of vital vitamins and minerals. Its chewy and nutty taste makes it a great snack! You can also flavour your chicken curry with pumpkin seed paste instead of using high calorie whipped cream.

Consumption of pumpkin seeds (in any way) is the key to boost the energy levels of your body. They improve the immune system, lower cholesterol levels and prevent osteoporosis. High amounts of Vitamin E and zinc make pumpkin seeds a crucial part of your skin care regimen. They aid in the formation of new skin cells as well as collagen, which is responsible for maintaining the elasticity of your skin.

Read the   amazing benefits of pumpkin seeds for your skin, hair and overall health.

1. Pumpkin seeds for weight loss:

Pumpkin seeds are full of fiber, which discourage more eating because of giving the feeling of full stomach. One cup of its seeds has about 600 calories, thus it fulfills your calorie intake to a greater extent of your body. Not only this, it also boosts your fiber intake. Therefore, the regular use of such seeds helps to control as well as management of weight.

2. Pumpkin seeds for hair:

Pumpkin seeds are enriched in protein, essential amino acids,   iron, magnesium and copper. All these important nutrients help your hair health, hair growth and hair shining. If you are having hair problems like hair loss, hair fall, etc., it is suggested to have pumpkin seeds in your daily requirements to counter such problems.

How they work?:

(i). Proteins and  essential amino acids like arginine, glutamic acids and lysine are good for your hair health and also prevent breakage of hair.

(ii). Content of iron is responsible for hair strengthening and hair growth.

(iii). Magnesium makes your hair strong and healthy.

(iv). Massage your scalp with its oil, which easily absorbed and makes your hair follicles stronger.

(v).The roasted seeds contain copper which have melanin stimulating properties that lead to make your hair dark.

(vi). The adequate amount of fatty acids are good in making your hair strong and hydrated and also prevent dry and dullness.

3.Pumpkin seeds for healthy skin:

Pumpkin seeds are beneficial to control many skin related diseases.

How they work? :

(i), The presence of fatty acid like oleic acid and linoleum acid ensures to make your skin glowing. Such acids also make your skins hydrated and moist.

(ii). The seeds oil prevents clogging of skin pores thereby helpful to make your skin refreshing and rejuvenating. It also acts against dryness and dullness of skin.

(iii). The antioxidants keep your skin fair and smooth.

4.Pumpkin seeds for cardiac heath:

One quarter of pumpkin seeds has 50% of recommended daily requirement of magnesium.

How they work?

(i). Magnesium is beneficial in for heart. It prevents sudden cardiac arrest, heart attack and strokes. Magnesium also maintains BP and regulates metabolic reactions in the body.

(ii). The presence of arginine amino acid ensures healthy heart.

(iii). Omega fatty acids prevent cardiac complications.

5. Vitamin E

One benefit of selecting raw pumpkin seeds over roasted seeds is vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin. Vitamin E helps keep your cardiovascular system healthy — it dilates your blood vessels to help lower blood pressure, and thins your blood to reduce your risk of harmful spontaneous blood clot formation. The nutrient also protects your cells from reactive oxygen species, or free radicals, harmful chemicals you produce as a toxic by-product of your metabolism and when exposed to sunlight and environmental pollutants. Raw pumpkin seeds contain 0.6 milligrams of vitamin E per ounce, or 4 percent of your daily vitamin E requirements, according to the Office of Dietary Supplements. Roasted pumpkin seeds contain just 0.2 milligrams of the vitamin

6. Vitamin K

Raw pumpkin seeds also contain more vitamin K than their roasted counterparts. Vitamin K helps stimulate blood clot formation after tissue damage, helping your blood cells aggregate to prevent bleeding. The vitamin also helps your skin heal after injury, and contributes to bone growth and maintenance. Raw pumpkin seeds contain 2 milligrams of vitamin K per 1-ounce serving — approximately twice as much as roasted pumpkin seeds. Adding an ounce of raw pepitas to your diet provides approximately 2 percent of your daily recommended vitamin K intake, according to the Linus Pauling Institute.

7. Pumpkin seeds for diabetes treatment:

Pumpkin seeds are effective in controlling the sugar level thus helpful in diabetes treatment.


(i). Take 2 tbsp of Pumpkin seeds and boil it in 1 litre of water until it becomes half. Now, strain and cool it and drink like as tea. Magnesium presence helps to regulate metabolism thus directly or indirectly control sugar.

8. Pumpkin seeds for kidney stone:

Make the tea of pumpkin seeds. Strain and sip it twice or thrice a day. Being a diuretic in nature, it is helpful for kidney stone, infection in the urinary tract and overall health of kidney.

9. Pumpkin seeds cure Marasmus and Kwashiorkor:

Pumpkin seeds having some important amino acids, which are essentially important to cure protein deficiency diseases like Marasmus and Kwashiorkor​

10. Pumpkin seeds are good source for vitamin B-complex:

It is one of few seeds which has better amount of vitamin B-complex. Many important B-Complex vitamins like niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid are part of it.

11. Nutritional values of Pumpkin seeds:

The nutritional facts of pumpkin seeds are: It is loaded with protein, essential fatty acid, vitamins, and minerals.  It has good amount of vitamin B-complex like niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid. The seeds are good source of arginine, tryptophan, glutamic acids and lysine. It contains magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper and manganese. It is enriched in essential fatty acids like oleic acid and linoleum acid.

12. Pumpkin seeds for sexual heath:

Eating pumpkin seeds make your’s sexual life enjoyable.

How they work?

(i). It has vital amino acid known as arginine, which has power to make your sexual life pleasant.

(ii). It increases your sperm count because of lycopene pigment.

Pumpkin seeds uses

  1. Roasted and dried pumpkin seeds are used as snacks, soups and sauces.
  2. It is used to make sprouts.
  3. It’s oil is generally used in cooking, especially by the people of West African nations.
  4. It is used in making of tea that helpful in management of diabetes.
  5. It is used in salads and fried rice.
  6. Sandwiches are also made of it.
  7. It can be consumed as soup.
  8. It is used in making of sweet dishes.
  9. It is the part of bread and cookies.

Now you know the benefits of pumpkin seeds​. add this healthy seeds in your daily life and don’t forget to share your experience with me. keep like and share.

Take Care.

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