Health Benefits of Vinegar – Good For Health

Carol Johnston, a nutrition professor at Arizona State University, told Time magazine she believes that Apple Cider Vinegar can actually promote weight loss. There’s some evidence that the acetic acid in vinegar may turn on fat metabolism,” she explains to the magazine. “It just hasn’t been examined adequately in humans, so we don’t have good evidence that it’s effective.

Not only can it help your waistline, but apple cider vinegar help regulate blood sugar levels. The American Diabetes Association highlights a study that people with Type 2 Diabetes woke up with lower blood sugar levels after taking apple cider vinegar before bed.

Balsamic Vinegar

“The Healing Powers of Vinegar,” dates balsamic’s medicinal properties back to the seventeenth century when people used it to ward off the plague. It’s since evolved to being thought of as a natural way to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. In 2010, a Japanese study found that the kitchen staple actually suppressed the damage-causing oxidation process of LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) in the body.

The San Francisco Gate reports that researchers at Arizona State University found that balsamic vinegar may keep blood pressure levels normal.

Red Wine Vinegar

A study from 2010 indicated that red wine vinegar made with Cabernet Sauvignon contains high amounts of anthocyanins, a photochemical attributed with enhancing memory and potentially lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease. As reported by Today’s Dietitian, a 14-year study of more than 150,000 participants found those who consumed the most anthocyanins, (from berries), had an eight percent reduced risk of getting hypertension.

Johnston told Time that red wine vinegar is actually a good substitute for apple cider as it’s easier for most people to digest. To incorporate these vinegars into your diet, the doctor recommends drinking a concoction mixing one to two tablespoons with 8 ounces of water. Or, an easier way is to splash red wine or balsamic vinegar onto your salads and vegetables.

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