Health Benefits Of Green Cardamom

Green cardamom is one of the most expensive spices by weight, but little is needed to impart flavor.It has a strong,spice sweet taste and an aromatic frgarance. Specific use of green cardamom vary with different cuisines and cultures. Green cardamom is also known as Ealichi or vechi or elakkai in India. Green cardamom is used as a spice for indian gravy and for sweet dishes also. There are many health benefits of green cardamom.

Health Benefits of Cardamom

1).Reduced Risk of Diabetes

People who suffer from diabetes generally have low levels of manganese. Cardamom is known for containing a high amount of this mineral, which is why people who are worried about their blood sugar levels should consume this spice.

2).Improved Digestive Health

Cardamom helps in stimulation and regular excretion of gastric juices in the stomach. It helps in balancing these acids in cases of acidity, thus providing relief during heart burns. A good benefit of cardamom is chewing it after a meal. This helps those suffering from flatulence and gas. Cardamom is also beneficial in relieving stomach cramps and hiccups.

3).Anti Spasmodic

Cardamom helps in relieving muscle spasms and tremors. It improves blood circulation to the lungs and can be helpful for those suffering from whooping cough, sore throat, asthma or bronchitis.

4).Detoxifying Agent

Cardamom helps in cleansing of body. It is considered to be a refinement spice against caffeine. Cardamom also helps those who want to quit addictions like smoking, alcohol, tobacco chewing, and even those who have a sweet tooth. It eliminates urges.

5).Treats urinary infection

One of the lesser known benefits of cardamom is that it is a diuretic and helps in increasing urination. It has thus been found to be helpful in urinary tract infections.

6).Good Source Of Minerals

It contains potassium, calcium and magnesium. These minerals play a role in controlling heart rates, blood pressure and are important component of body fluids and cells.

It also contains copper, manganese and iron. These contribute to cardamom’s antioxidant and blood cell formation properties.


It enhances appetite. A well known benefit of cardamom includes decreasing nausea and vomiting. Cardamom helps in relieving mouth ulcers. It encourages the functioning of nervous system and helps in relieving weakness.

Cardamom contains phytochemicals like Indole -3- carbinol (IC3) and di –indolylmethane (DIM). These helps in fighting hormone responding cancers like prostate cancer, ovarian and breast cancers.

8).Control Cholesterol

The micronutrients available in cardamom could defeat the surge of lipids within the human body. It is shown that cardiac and hepatic antioxidant enzymes of cardamom have an impact on the cholesterol levels and helps significantly control them.

9).Detoxify Body

Within the body, the metabolic processes release toxin and free radicals which have to be flushed in order to remain healthy. Otherwise, they will accumulate, resulting in some types of diseases, like premature aging and cancer. Among many health benefits of cardamom, they are known to act as a natural detoxifying agent, which could effectively defeating cancer cells.

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10).Boost Blood Circulation

In many traditional therapies like aromatherapy, cardamom could help cure symptoms of bronchitis and asthma by boosting blood circulation in the human body.

11).Good For Vomiting And Nausea

Traditionally, this plan has been used as a treatment for nausea as it is a natural tonic and stimulant. This could be good for the calming effect on the sensations of vomiting and nausea.

12).Relieve Sore Throat

If you are looking for a natural solution for sore throat, consider using cardamom along with cinnamon. Just simply boil them in water and gargle with this solution in daily morning so you can control your painful sore throats.

13).Bring Fresh Breath

When it comes to benefits of cardamom for the health, this might be the one that brings an almost instant benefit. Both cardamom pods and seeds could be simply chewed as breath freshener. The aroma and flavors found in cardamom are because of the presence of essential oil. Did you know that the essential oil within cardamom is being used as a common ingredient in chewing gum?

14).Cure Dental Diseases

Cardamom has been used commonly in Chinese medicine to handle a lot of dental problems. The antibiotics in cardamom have both side effects and secondary effects. But positive ones seem outnumber the secondary. The use of spices is ideal as they inhibit just infectious microbes, not the probiotic bacteria.


Cardamom is also believed to possess anti-depressant properties. Cardamom essential oil is one of the major oils used in aromatherapy as it can be used not only for depression, but also as a cure for various other diseases ranging from stomach disorders to pulmonary diseases.


The husk of cardamom is made up of fiber. Cardamom when chewed along with the husk is believed to prevent food putrefaction and constipation. Eat ripe banana along with cardamom before going to sleep as it facilitates easy bowel movement if you are constipated.

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