Every Girl Should Know this things Before Buying Lipstick

We all girl’s love to wear lipstick,As lipstick fanatics, we’re often mind-blown when women insist that they don’t think they can pull of wearing colorful lipstick. So many of our friends have said, “I wish I could look good wearing lipstick. I’ve tried it, but it just doesn’t look right on me.”

The truth, ladies, is that any woman can wear lipstick. The key to rocking a bold lip color is finding the right shade for your skin tone, and after that, it’s all about how you wear it. (It’s all about confidence!) To help you first-timers who might be skittish about trying lip color.

Here’s a guide to help you graduate from rookie to expert.

1# Your Skin Tone

Some lip shades don’t look as good on dusky skin tones as they do on fairer skin. Similarly, some shades don’t suit fairer women. Always remember that a shade that suits your friend might not look as attractive on you and so, always try it on before buying it.

2# The Brand

International or national, both brands offer a wide variety of lipstick types and shades. You need to try out a few before discovering your type, the one that suits your lips and your personality the best.

3# Choose The Right Shade

Deeper shades of lipsticks make lips look smaller and bright lipsticks make lips look bigger. While choosing the right lipstick for a fair complexion you can go for nude or soft mocha color and people with a decently fair complexion can try nude, peach or pale pink. For a lighter medium skin tone, you can try fuchsia, red, browns and peaches. For a darker medium skin tone copper, brown and cranberry color look good. For dark complexions, dark reds and hues of wine look great. Some beauty experts suggest beauties with dark complexion to avoid orange lipsticks.

4#  A Crème Or Matte Person?

Crème lipsticks give your lips a little bit of moisturisation hence making them look smoother while matte shades are without any gloss or moisture and so they stay on longer. Decide the look you want on yourself before buying, because both the types have completely different effects.

5# The Market Is Full Of Fakes

Which is why, never buy cosmetics from local vendors or unknown shopping sites.  Always shop from good branded stores for cosmetics as fake ones can cause harm to you face and skin.

6# It Is Better To Buy In Person

Many a times, the shades that you see on online cosmetic sites don’t turn out to be the same when you receive the order. Thus, it is better to go and check out the shades in person and buy or order it online with discounts, but only after noting down the exact shade you want.

7# Shelf Life Of The Lipstick

It is important that you always check for the shelf life of lipstick, i.e. its manufacture date and date of expiration. Generally, most of the lipsticks have a shelf life of 3 years. Some stores try and sell the products which are one year old in order to finish their old stock instead of new ones. If you go for such products, you only have 2 years of shelf life remaining. So, it’s always a good option to go for fresh products manufactured in the same year to enjoy using product for maximum time.

8# Decide The Type You Are Looking For

When it comes to choosing the correct lipstick type, more often than not, women get confused with things like glossy finish, a tint of colour, a lip moisturiser with a hint of colour or a proper dark matte. At this time, one needs to clearly decide and be sure of the type they are looking for before they end up paying much more than one actually should.

9# Avoid Buying The Same Shade

Before buying a new lipstick, try layering the shades which are quite similar. Even if you opt for a different brand of the same shade, sometimes, it’s hard to make out the difference between your new shade which is close enough and looks the same you already have. Some people stick to one particular shade and avoid trying new shades. I think they should just come out of their comfort zones and try a different shade to see how gorgeous they could look.

10# Do Not Let Replicas Fool You

It is better to have one original product of good quality than having ten replica products. Replicas of luxury brands are a common affair these days. Many people get influenced by the price of fake luxury brands unknowingly and invest in lipsticks that are replicas. These replica lipsticks do not even match up to the quality of original lipsticks. So ladies, it is always better to check for the feedback of lesser known online shopping website which sell replicas.

11# Check For Ingredients

Don’t just look at the brand logo! It is very important to check for ingredients before you buy a lipstick as it may contain few harmful ingredients that can cause much harm to your skin and can also be allergic to you in the long run. Especially look for Parabens, Retinyl Palmitate and Tocopheryl Acetate and avoid buying lipsticks that contain them.

12# Avoid Non-Transferable Lipstick

Lipsticks that claim to be non transferable tends to dry out the lips easily. So, to avoid chapping and drying of lips, it is always good to avoid non-transferable lipsticks. If you particularly feel like having a non-transferable lipstick, look for other features like if it comes with hydrating properties or not. However, a good lipstick should moisturize your lips and keep them healthy. So, it is recommended to avoid lipsticks that are non transferable.

13# Read Reviews and Check Swatches

Before you invest in any lipstick or any kind of beauty product for that matter, always make sure you read the review about it when it’s up and new in the market. Reading a review will always help as people who review the product generally share their personal experiences with the product, its pros and cons etc. It is good to make a decision after reading a review and check out the swatches than to complain later after you buy the product. IMBB is always the best option to check out such reviews.

14# A Proper Trial

Before buying the lip color, try the tester on your hand, just below your palm. You will get to know the exact shade of how the color will look on your lips.

15# How to Decide Between Satin, Matte, or Gloss

Lipsticks come in a variety of textures, so how do you decide between them all? It’s great if you already have a personal preference, but for beauty newcomers my advice is to test away. I usually wear a subtle, neutral gloss for daytime and reserve bold satins and mattes for going out. Bold is beautiful, just remember that upkeep is key! If you prefer something more subtle, tinted balms and lip glosses should do the trick.

So ladies, let me know what are the other things you consider and look for before buying a new lipstick. Until next time, put on some lipstick and live a little!

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