Do You Know These Hair Steaming Benefits For Strong Healthy Hairs

You probably know that steam is beneficial for your skin but, it is also very good for your hair. Steaming your hair has a multitude of positive effects that can help you keep your hair healthy inspite of the damage done by the rampant pollution. There are several different ways of using steam on your hair. Using hair steamer is one of the most common ways. You can also steam your hair using a hot towel. Here are some good results you can get if you steam your hair.

What is hair steaming?

It basically means adding moisture in the form of moist heat (steam) to the hair strands. This can be done in a number of different ways such as using a handheld hair steamer, a standing steamer or even enjoying the steam after a long warm shower.

Benefits Of Hair Steaming

1.Promote Hair Growth

Steaming is one of the best home remedies for hair growth problems. Sometimes, the dirt and dust of the atmosphere are responsible for stunted hair growth. Your hair follicles need a little extra impetus to grow in such situations. Steaming your hair provides that stimulus to your hair follicles and your hair growth improves if you do it regularly.

2.Reduces Dandruff

Oh those pesky flakes and itchy scalpthat drives you to insanity by scratching relentlessly with anything (your nails, a pen, a rattail comb, hair pins and etc.) to soothe the irritation. Well usually when your scalp is itchy it means that it is dry and is lacking water. Steaming will reduce this common issue amongst the naturalista community. Infused water vapor works to moisturize and penetrate deeper into the scalp allowing for full hydration of hair follicles.

3.Opening The Pores

Clogged pores in the scalp slow down–and eventually stop–the regrowth process. Steaming the hair and scalp on a regular basis will allow the toxins from the scalp to be released so that it can be cleansed and purified.

4.Balancing The Scalp

Along with purifying the scalp of the toxins within, steam therapy helps increase the collagen production and blood flow of the scalp. The collagen level and increased blood flow, resulting in a healthy naturally shiny scalp–not the kind of shine caused by synthetic styling products.

5.Improves Elasticity

The elasticity of curly strands is its ability to stretch without snapping and causing further breakage and damage to the strands. Steam treatments allow the hair to absorb so much moisture that the curls will be able to bend and stretch.

6.Enhances Curl Definition

Moisture infused by steam therapy into the hair strands allows the hair to clump throughout the length of the stands which enhances the curl pattern. The bonus effect of steam therapy is that it allows for less heat to be used when flat ironing hair.


For naturalistas with low porosity hair steam therapy is a good way to help water vapor penetrate the strands of the hair for long lasting moisture. With the cuticle layer being opened from the steam treatment, it is easier to infuse products into the hair to maintain supple flexible strands.

8.Effective Deep Conditioning

If you suffer from low porosity hair or hair dryness, hair steaming helps to lift the hair’s cuticle so that moisture can get in and this allows for a more effective deep conditioning treatment that doesn’t require hours or overnight to accomplish.

9.Make Your Hot Oil Treatment Work Harder

Often we think just leaving products or oils on our hair longer will do the trick but hair steaming makes penetrating oils like coconut or olive oil work better at moisturizing and sealing.

10.Encourages Blood Flow To The Scalp

Hair steaming gets the blood flowing the the scalp and scalp circulation increases nourishment to the hair follicles and that encourages hair growth.

How often can I steam?

As of right now, I steam my hair every 1-2 weeks when I wash my hair. However, I plan to use the steamer in the middle of the week or whenever I need to refresh my curls! After some research, many stylists say steamers are great to use up to once a week or even just once a month.

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