Do You Know These Beauty Benefits Of Rose Oil

Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world and have different connotations in different cultures. Almost everyone has heard of these flowers, which is why most people have also heard of rose essential oil. Rose essential oil is obtained from the Damascus Rose through a process known as steam distillation. It is a potent oil with a lovely fragrance and has many medicinal uses, as well as cosmetic ones. It is filled with nutrients that are good for your body.


1.Skin Toner

Rose oil is good for oily skin, and can be used as a skin toner. It acts as an astringent, that helps in tightening skin tissues, opening skin pores on the face, and controlling the greasiness. It can fight off facial skin wrinkles and various other signs of aging really well, since it contracts the facial muscles a bit, which in turn uplifts sagging skin.It has a cooling effect and soothes sunburned and highly sensitive skin.

2.Reduces Signs of Aging

It’s natural to see aging skin as we get older. However, you can help to slow down the process. Due to the compounds found in rose oil it can support cell and tissue regeneration, maintain elasticity of the skin, reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and lighten age spots. The restorative rosehip can revive mature skin! Just put a few drops of the oil on some cotton wool and dab the affected areas several times a day.

3.Antibacterial Properties

Rose oil has antibacterial properties that can cure skin infections and is an effective treatment for acne. It is capable of healing acne scars, boils, or other unwanted skin spots. It can be used directly on open wounds and cuts. First, it will contract the blood vessels of the affected area and put a stop to the bleeding. Then, its antiseptic qualities will protect the wound from infections.


Rose oil is a rich source of vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant and improves the texture of the skin. Regular application of the oil on discolored skin will help restore the original skin color. If applied on stretch marks, surgery marks, or fat cracks, it can repair the defects and diminish their appearance. Rose oil can be safely applied on skin disorders like eczema to reduce the skin inflammation and irritation.

5.Fades/ Lightens Scars

The anti-inflammatory properties of rose oil make it ideal for use on any existing scarring that you might experience. Vitamins A and C along with the fatty acids are proven to have skin regeneration and collagen producing properties. This trio-concoction aids in fading and diminishing dark spots, appearance of fine lines and hyper pigmentation.


It is absolutely safe to consume rose oil as well, which helps in removing toxins from the blood and purifies it. This prevents development of skin rashes, ulcers, boils, etc. on the skin. It also aids in maintaining a hormonal balance which is very essential to keep your skin looking fresh and glowing.

7.UV Protection and Skin Repair

Free radicals responsible for ageing can be treated with antioxidants in rosehip oil to combat skin damage caused by long exposure from the sun’s ultra violet rays. The fatty-acids also help enhance the overall pigmentation and texture of the skin.

8.Nail Nourishment

Besides obvious skin and hair benefits, rose oil is really good for brittle nails. Messaging your nails with rose oil once or twice a day for a few weeks will rehydrate your cuticles and brittle nails making them healthier and stronger.

8.Tightens Skin and Treats Wrinkles

Rosehip oil contains colossal amounts of antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin A. These ingredients naturally encourage skin cell regeneration and collagen production.

9.Provides Healthy Fats

As mentioned above, it is rich in essential fatty acids. Rose seed oil provides an excellent dose of omega-3 and omega-6, both of which support cell and tissue health. Boost your beauty regime with a daily application of this healthy oil.

10.Make Your Skin Glow

Rose oil gives beautiful and natural glow to the skin when used regularly; not only this oil helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and even up your skin tone, but also Rosehip oil gives your skin beautiful and healthy glow! Try it, you’ll love it’s beautiful effects!

How To Make Rose Oil

  1. Crush the rose petals and add them to the glass jar with one cup of jojoba or olive oil.
  2. Add water to the pan and heat it to a boil before turning off the stove.
  3. Let the glass jar containing the rose petals and oil sit in the warm water for at least 24 hours, but do not keep the water at boiling point.
  4. Remove the rose petals from the oil and strain them to get as much essential oil as possible.
  5. Store the rose oil away from sunlight.

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