Once upon a time one of the major fashion designers booked me to work on a certain supermodel for the Met Gala. Upon prepping my makeup table for the model I noticed her legs and arms were peeling like a snake. She wasn’t shy about it. In fact she practically announcing she had coated her entire body with egg whites and had gone shopping all day with the egg whites on. Apparently this was the way she kept her skin tight both during and after having four children! She used egg whites on her body and face to keep the elasticity in her skin thanks to the amino acids egg whites provide. Mind you she still looks like a baby even to this day!

I found a segment on the Doctors that shows how you simply take the egg whites, whip them until frothy, coat the entire face (and neck) with a makeup brush, and leave on 15 minutes to an hour. After you’re done it’s probably best to hop into the shower. Eggs can be a bit of a mess.

While this treatment works on any skin type it is especially good on oily skin because egg whites have an astringent effect. It’s also good for keeping bacteria at bay.

Don’t be afraid to also coat your body like the supermodel did. Just do us all a favor and don’t go trying any clothes on while you’re doing that. Thank you!


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