Clay Mask Benefits and Types Of Clay Mask for skin

A clay mask has many benefits. It stimulates and increases circulation, tightens sagging skin, refines enlarged pores, exfoliates by lifting dead skin cells and cleanses the skin like no other mask. Clay masks are good for all skin types. For acneic skin it rids the skin of impurities that cause breakouts. For oily skin it absorbs excess oil leaving clean skin behind. For dry skin it increases much needed circulation and rids the skin of dead skin cells allowing serums, ampoules, lotions and cream to penetrate deeper.

Types of Clay for Skin

There are many types of clays used in skincare, with a variety of benefits to skin. Yes, there are the clays great at absorbing oils and clearing pores. Did you know there are also clays that soothe irritation, detox skin, exfoliate, and even offer anti-aging properties? It’s all true.

Let’s take a look at the different types of clays and which is best for your skin. We’ve also thrown in a few clay mask product picks for you.

1).Kaolin Clay

This is going to be the most gentle clay, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin. It’s more often used to soften and brighten the skin, less often as cleansing or detoxifying. Kaolin clay comes in many colors including white, pink, red and also yellow.

2).French Clay

Often referred to as sea clay, French clay is green in color and is highly absorbent. This is probably not the best clay for dry skin, as it will try to suck up all the oil it possibly can and really tighten the pores – making it great for a tightening mask or for skin that is very oily.

3).Bentonite Clay

Next to kaolin clay, bentonite is probably the other most common clay. This one is very absorbent as well, with more detoxifying powers due to its electric charge than French clay. It’s great for a cleansing mask, and also perfect if you’re looking to use clays for healing other skin ailments.

4).Rhassoul Clay

Mined in Morocco, this red clay is another clay that’s great for oily skin – and hair too. While by itself it’s pretty gentle, it can also be a powerful exfoliant when mixed with things like pumice, oatmeal, salt and sugar. Like some of the other clays, it’s negatively charged and can pull out positively charged toxins from the body.

Benefits Of Clay Mask

 #.Remove Dirt

Clay masks help to remove the dirt and dust from the face effectively. It helps to absorb extra oil and toxins which are generally responsible for clogged pores. For those who want to get rid of the acne, pimple or breakout problems on the skin should include clay masks in their skincare routine. The frequent usage of clay masks can help to give you a flawless looking skin.

#.Cleanse your Skin

Clay masks are very effective in cleansing your skin thoroughly. It not only helps to remove dirt and dust from the face but, it also helps to give you a clear and dirt free skin. Clay mask works really good as a cleanser as it helps to rejuvenate your skin easily. It helps to clean the pores and keep your skin hydrated for a long period of time.

#.Contains Vital Nutrients

Many of them are unaware of the fact that clay masks contain vital nutrients which help to improve the appearance of the skin. Using clay masks on a daily basis can help to make your skin fresh and hydrated. If you want, you can also add any essential oil of your choice to the clay mask and apply it on the face. This will help to benefit your skin in a positive way.

#.Suits all Skin Types

The best part about clay masks is that it is suitable for all skin types. From dry to acne-prone, sensitive and oily skin, clay masks prove to be extremely beneficial for each skin type. It helps to deal with acne, oil, and dirt on the face at all times and hence, using clay masks can promise to give you a healthy and younger looking skin.

#.Alkaline Nature

Many people and studies have proved that clay mask is known for its alkaline nature which means, a clay mask is not only beneficial for your skin, but it also benefits your body in several ways. A regular usage of clay masks can benefit your skin and can also help to deal with certain digestive problems.

#.Prevents Accumulation of Oil

Clay masks are great to be used on all skin types but, it is extremely beneficial for oily skinned beauties. No one wants an extra shine on their face, right? Well, clay masks can help to get rid of the extra shine from your face and also prevents the accumulation of oil on your face. Many studies have concluded that clay masks are very effective in controlling the oil secretion than a blotting paper.

#.Remove Dead Skin Cells

Dead skin cells are not visible but, 99 percent of women have dead skin cells on their face as well as on their body. Dead skin cells are so small that it prevents the skin from breathing, thus leading to clogged pores. Clogged pores are the main reason behind acne, pimples, and breakouts on the skin. Using clay masks on the skin can help to get rid of the dead skin cells easily.

#.Oxygenates the Cells

Clay not only pulls toxins out of the skin’s pores but also hydrogen from the skin cells, which allows more room for oxygen to benefit the skin tissue and rejuvenate them. This moves improved circulation and overall healthier skin.

Note:- Used on a regular basis, clay masks are a good solution to improve the quality and look of the skin. Packed with vitamins and nutrients, these masks revitalize the skin and make it look supple at all times. Clay masks allow users to deep clean their pores and fight acne. They are available in multiple forms and buyers should make sure they purchase a clay mask that is suitable for their particular type of skin.

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