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    Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) Deficiency Health Benefits And Food Source

    Vitamin B1(Thiamine) deficiency can have very serious health consequences if it is not caught early. It is the cause of disease such as Wernicke-Korsakoff Encephalopathy. Thus, you would think doctors would be very cautions about looking for this and catching it early. Yet, we have seen several cases where the vitamin B1 deficiency was not […] More

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    Do You Know – 15 Benefits Of Dragon Fruit For Health

    The fruit of cacti species, dragon fruit is somewhat similar to kiwi, but it contains white-colored or red flesh, a red outer covering, and black seeds. This fruit is mildly sweet in flavor, and the seeds are nutty and crunchy. Dragon fruit can be made into tea, converted into wine or juice, or used as […] More

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    Try These New Detox Water Recipes In Summer

    Are you feeling sluggish or simply out of sync? It might be time for a full body detox—a deep cleansing of your internal system that’ll help you get ready for a healthier summer season. Often a number of negative health issues may seem to gang up on you all at once such as digestive problems, […] More

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    Honey – Nutrition Facts 25 Benefits On Health Skin And Hair

    Honey is one of Mother Nature’s biggest gifts, and it’s delicious, too. Its sun-soaked sweetness adds richness and dimension to a lot of recipes. If you have a sweet tooth, utilizing honey will give you the ability to enjoy the natural sweetness, rather than refined sugar sweetness or chemical-laden, sugar substitute sweetness. Today, we’re going […] More

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    Top 25 Benefits Of Yogurt For Health Skin And Hair

    Yogurt is a delicious, protein rich, multi-vitamins packed food that has been used for centuries as the best remedy for various health and beauty problems. Being a powerful natural storehouse of various vitamins and minerals yogurt is used to cure many problems regarding , health, skin and hair. When topically applied to the skin and […] More

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    20 Benefits Of Walnuts For Health, Skin And Hair

    Walnuts are very common in chocolates, cakes, cookies etc. and when you consume them you may not be aware about the various benefits of this nut. It helps you to have a glowing skin, healthy hair and has many other health benefits. Nutrition Information Of Walnut This is the part where the “walnuts being one […] More

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